Danny Amendola is interested in "miscommunication" after Olivia Culpo Rant


Danny Amendola set the record straight on Saturday after his explosive speech on ex-girlfriend Olivia Culpo, who has since been suppressed.

"What I wanted to say yesterday is that the media and the general public have no idea what is going on behind closed doors," added Amendola, 33, on Instagram, next door. from a photo of a lion.

"I do not participate in fake intangible assets that absorb public attention. I am a single man and if everyone is happy, I am happy, "he continued.

Amendola, who had separated from Culpo, 26, last fall, appeared to announce the model online Friday by writing: "Olivia chooses and wants to be noticed on the Internet and in Hollywood to earn money." He also seemed to try Zedd. , with whom Culpo had already been seen at Coachella earlier this month, said TMZ.

The Detroit Lions catcher later said, "It's not fun to see your name attached to a fully bait-based titled story that is completely fabricated. So when I saw this gossip of the love triangle, I tried to clear the air. "

Amendola then stated that he "would blame for the miscommunication! Good vibrations only from me! ALL LOVES ❤️ always.

After closing his initial message, Amendola dropped another message, describing a selfie: "The fictitious people have an image to keep. The real ones do not care.

Former Amendola teammate Julian Edelman, Patriots receiver, answered with some advice (via Barstool Sports), "Go down Instagram please … thank you."

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