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Danny Baker sacked by the BBC for a royal baby, a chimpanzee tweet

Danny Baker

Broadcaster Danny Baker was fired by the BBC for his "foolish and thoughtless gag" on Twitter about the Duke's and the Duchess of Sussex's new baby.

The now-deleted tweet, which was distributed on social media, showed the image of a couple holding in hand a chimpanzee dressed in clothes bearing the caption: "Royal Baby leaves the hospital".

The presenter was accused of making fun of the Duchess's racial heritage.

A spokesman for the BBC said: "This was a serious misjudgment".

The 61-year-old presented a weekend show on the network.

The company added that Baker's tweet "goes against the values ​​we, as a resort, want to embody.

"Danny is a brilliant broadcaster but will no longer present weekly shows with us."

After tweeting an apology (above), calling it the tweet "a stupid, unthinking gag", Baker has since been referred to social media to criticize the BBC's decision stating: "The call to fire me … was a pompous fake master class – gravity. "

"I took a tone that said that I actually wanted to say that this tweet was ridiculous and that the BBC had to respect blah blah blah," he added. "I literally threw myself under the bus, you could hear the suits kicking at the knees."

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Harry and Meghan, whose mother, Doria Ragland, is African-American, revealed Wednesday that their new son named Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

After the initial reaction on social media on Wednesday, Baker said, "Sorry, my gag image of the little guy in the classy outfit has whipped a bit, I never realized because, do not bother.

"As soon as those who have been kind enough to point out its possible connotations have been put in touch, the message has come in. And that's all."

Just before he's sacked, he told his half million followers on Twitter Journalists at his home told him: "Do you think blacks look like monkeys?"

His tweet added: "No partner, Pic gag, baby chimpanzee, traffic alert, horror, suppressed, apologized."

In a following tweet, he added, "I would have used the same stupid photo for any other royal birth or child of Boris Johnson or even for one of mine." It's a funny picture. (Although this of course is not the case.) A huge mistake, of course.

"Whatever it is, here for you Archie, sorry guy."

This is the second time that the controversial presenter has been eliminated from the live 5 and the third time he leaves the BBC.

In 1997, he was fired for encouraging football fans to become an umpire after the official inflicted a controversial penalty for a FA Cup draw.

In 2012, two weeks before being inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame, he was back in the news after a resignation at the airing station in which he was resigning and accusing his bosses of the BBC London of "head offs". "Pin" after being asked to leave the program on weekdays at a weekend.

"It's a rotten shame and a rotten way to do it," he said at the time. "Nobody phoned me, apparently they had the intention of resolving to tell me."

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