Dark Phoenix Trailer could evoke the cinematic universe of Marvel


Sophie Turner as Jean Gray
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A new Dark Phoenix This trailer came out in the middle of the night this week and gave us another glimpse of Sophie Turner's transformation of Jean Gray into a very dark person with the greatest cosmic power on the big screen for the second time in her history. film. But a fan also noticed something special …

The trailer features a number of shots of John in all his vascular splendor of Phoenix, which strangely resembles a few shots of X-Men: The Final Clash, the last movie that tried (and failed) to adapt the Dark Phoenix Saga. All the chaos and destruction seem to be exactly what Jessica Chastain's mysterious extraterrestrial character wants, but the human population of the Earth is not happy about it.

At one point in the trailer, all the movie's mutants (with the exception of Jean) are transported by armed officers into what appears to be an armored vehicle. Wired British writer Matt Kamen spotted three very familiar letters on their uniforms. If you look closely, they read "MCU", which, as Kamen pointed out, could mean "mutant confinement unit". But it could also be a wink to the marvelous world of Marvel and Disney's recent 20th Century Fox acquisition and film rights. to the X-Men.

A group of MCU guards holding the X-Men hostage.
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It would be absolutely wild if Dark Phoenix managed to end in a way that would connect the respective cinematographic universes of Marvel and Fox. The keyword is "wild", which means here "improbable, impractical, and probably not for the better if we are honest".

Surprisingly, the trailer contains a good amount of footage from the entire movie that, although decontextualized, gives you a general idea of ​​what will happen. The X-Men go up in space and after an abnormal accident should leaving Jean dead, she seems to come back to life, though now imbued with the destructive powers of the Phoenix. The latest trailer strongly suggests that at a time when the Phoenix will resume his personality, John could accidentally kill Mystic, causing the other X-Men to accept the fact that John could pose a threat.

When Dark Phoenix will be released in theaters on June 7th, this may be one of the last times we'll see this X-Men incarnation before they're engulfed by the House of Mouse, and it'll be interesting to see what's going on. it happens this crowd of capturing MCUs.

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