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Dave Bautista's "My Spy" from STX's release calendar

Although STX does not have an official comment, insiders say the film could benefit from a launch in early 2020, further from the Fox comedy. Stuber, which co-stars Bautista and opens this weekend.

Nevertheless, the change comes at a time of uproar for STX, which has suffered a series of box office failures, including internal production. Ugly dolls.

Directed by Peter Segal (Become smart) My spy stars Bautista's vehicle as a CIA agent thwarted by a 9-year-old girl, played by newcomer Chloe Coleman, whom he sent the family under surveillance

STX plugged in at the end of last month My spy during his presentation at CineEurope in Barcelona, ​​an annual gathering of foreign theater owners and Hollywood studios.

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