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Dave Gettleman of the Giants has a dream: "I'd like to drop a franchise quarterback in this place"

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INDIANAPOLIS – Ernie Accorsi's ultimate success with the Giants was to find Eli Manningand organize the team for the next 15 years while winning two Super Bowl championships. In Dave Gettleman's dreams, he does the same thing. He finds the next Manning for the giants.

And it looks like he's trying to do it now.

"I told you, and I'm very serious about what I said: I'd like to drop a franchise quarterback at this location, then watch it from Cape Cod and enjoy it." fully, agree? " Gettleman said. "It's a gift, that's what I'd like to do for the New York Giants."

To get there, Gettleman endorsed what he called "Kansas City's model" by addressing reporters at the NFL party on Wednesday. The Kansas City leaders had Alex Smith quarter. Then, in 2017, they drafted Patrick Mahomes. That season, Smith played and led the Chiefs to the playoffs, while Mahomes was mostly seated and watched.

Then the leaders transferred Smith to Washington, paving the way for Mahomes to quickly become the NFL's most valuable player.

The situations are different, of course, but the philosophy is the same. The 38-year-old Giants quarterback is nearing the end of his contract and his career – even though Giants head coach Pat Shurmur said he still had "years to go" in Manning – and that they held the sixth overall pick in the repechage. It would be wise for them to recruit a quarter and let him sit behind Manning this season.

By 2020, they would then be ready to operate what would hopefully become a transparent switch.

For this to happen, however, Gettleman will have to fall in love with one of the quarterbacks. He saw all the best in person – Ohio State Dwayne HaskinsDuc Daniel JonesFrom Missouri Drew Lockand Oklahoma Kyler Murray – although he insisted that it was still too early in his assessment process to know what he was thinking about it. He insisted on "you can not reach", especially for a quarterback.

The position is too important. The pick is too big.

"It's a massive decision," Gettleman said. "It's the face of your franchise, it has to do everything right for all the right reasons, you can not go to bed at night, worry if it's going to happen on time, you can not do that kind of thing. of things, no matter how talented they are. "

The decision is complicated by the fact that the Giants need a lot of help and that their decision to keep Manning for a new season as a starter indicates that they feel they can now qualify for the playoffs. It could be difficult for them to pass a player who can help them immediately at number 6 for the benefit of a player who will spend most of the year on the bench.

If they do so, they will resend the decision of the quarterback – which they have been doing for several seasons now. Gettleman admitted that the Giants could no longer continue in this direction, and if they assumed that a quarter of their franchise would be available to them in the future.

But he also admitted that he believed that real franchise quarters came from the first round. He is therefore clearly not interested in writing a contract on day 2 and hopes that it will evolve.

This means that, to follow the Kansas City pattern, it is a quarter-turn or a bankruptcy. Gettleman would not exclude the signing of a free agent or exchange, but realistically, franchise quarters are not often available this way. The project is where to find them, which is why Gettleman and Shurmur will all be on the quarterbacks for the next two months.

They know that time is running out to find Manning's successor, and Gettleman knows that he can no longer postpone that decision if he wants his dream to come true.

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