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Dave Gettleman's "dream" is to find the Giants, their next quarter franchise

Dave Gettleman has been involved in several franchise quarters during his career. Jim Kelly with the Buffalo Bills. John Elway with the Denver Broncos. Eli Manning offered him two Super Bowl rings during his first term with the New York Giants. Cam Newton was in Carolina when Gettleman became General Manager of the Panthers.

He noted the positive impact of the agreement reached between Eli Manning and the legacy of former Giants CEO Ernie Accorsi, who remains a beloved figure of the tradition of franchise.

Gettleman, 68, would like nothing better than to go at sunset with his name attached to such an iconic quarterback.

"What Ernie did for the Giants, it would be a dream for me to do the same," Gettleman said Wednesday at the 2019 NFL Screening Combine.

"I'd love to drop a franchise quarterback in this place, then watch it from Cape Cod and take full advantage of its hell.

"It's a gift and that's what I would like to do for the New York Giants."

So, if you think the giants have their heads in the sand with respect to the quarterback position, I would suggest that as definitive proof to the contrary.

They know the importance of it. They know the urgency. They work to try to find him.

"It's a massive decision," said Gettleman. "This is the face of your franchise."

The bottom line for the giants is simply the idea of ​​improving

"There are all these stories … we are trying to improve our team," Shurmur said Wednesday. "It's not a mystery. Eli is closer to 40 than 20. This is not a mystery. We will do our best to recruit the best players, especially the one who plays the quarter. "

Shurmur said he did not think that Manning's stature in franchise history would affect any kind of transition, especially the mid-season transition should it take place.

"I do not think so. We are not looking for a mid-season transition. We are looking to play the best player and have that player there, "said Shurmur.

"You have an established starter who has won the Super Bowls and been the most valuable Super Bowl player. We all recognized that he was closer to 40 than 20, so we recognized him.

"We are also trying to win games and if we bring in a new player, let's develop that player to the point where he will start for us."

The Kansas City model

We talked earlier about this offseason from the Kansas City model to the quarterback. That's what the chefs did with Patrick Mahomes. They traded for the draft in 2017, then left him for an entire season while veteran Alex Smith held the fort and took the Chiefs to the playoffs.

Gettleman did not deny his admiration for this plan.

"Listen, the Kansas City model has worked really well," said Gettleman.

"You can name a number of mannequins where there was a veteran and a young man who was drafted. At one point, the torch went out and everyone left, and it was a happy start for everyone. "

Giants have the first part of the equation in Manning.

What are they looking for in Part 2?

What do they mean to an heir to Manning?

Shurmur said that they "came in all shapes and sizes."

Gettleman spoke at length about instinct more important than physical characteristics.

"One of the things we really focus on is instinct. Instincts are very important.

"You can write an exhaustive list of things you are looking for. One of my concerns is instinct. Does he have an idea of ​​the game? Is it a step ahead of everyone?

"Instincts and intelligences allow you to play bigger, stronger and faster."

Gettleman, in fact, called them "non-negotiable".

Should the QB come this year?

The Giants have the overall choice # 6 in the next draft. Among the draft team members – and the fans – who would find it unthinkable if Gettleman passed for the second consecutive year using a top-10 pick of a quarterback while overseeing the last days of Manning's time.

Gettleman called it "bogus" last year, which forced him to accept a second-place finish in second place. This year, he is not worried that he will have to recruit a sixth quarter overall.

"You can not reach," said Gettleman. "I'll say it until the cows come home, you can not reach."

"You evaluate the quarterbacks and you take the guy when you believe he's the guy and that's in the right place."

Gettleman also said that he would pass for the good guy.

"No risk, no glory."

Last thoughts

Whatever you think of Manning, this year's class or last year's decision to pass on Sam Darnold is that the giants know they have to find Manning's successor. I've said in the past, however, that I believe that having the right guy is more important than having a guy this year.

Gettleman will finally try his luck at the quarterback, and ensure his own legacy as a Giants coach for the long run? Will it be this year with Dwayne Haskins, Kyler Murray or Daniel Jones?

We will all have to wait to find out.

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