David Bote delivered another success for the Cubs. Then he rushed to O 'Hare for a flight to Colorado, where his wife is about to give birth.


David Bote escaped the traditional victory of his Cubs teammates Sunday after qualifying with a singles in the ninth round of the RBI to win a 2 to 1 victory over the Diamondbacks.

Bote was exceptionally derogated from an unusual situation because he had to hurry to get to the O. Hare International Airport after the match to catch the plane to Colorado and be there with his wife Rachel, whose work was to be provoked third child. In other words, he became a PTBSL player to dunk later.

All was well for the Cubs field player, who this month signed a $ 15 million extension over five years and has earned a reputation for being one of his best performers. ;clutch. Bote now has four moments of rest in two years, including the Grand Slam against the Nationals on national television that started the legend of Bote.

"It's good," said Anthony Rizzo. "He had an early experience. You can not teach this. He had a lot of situations like that and he survived, and it's fun to watch. "

Archie Bradley, closer to the Diamondbacks, was almost angry at Bote, but he hung on to deliver the winning shot.

"A fastball hits him almost to the head, then (Bradley) throws a 2-0 slider for a goal and (Bote) probably figured out that he was not overpowering his fastball, so maybe he will come back with a breaking ball, "said Cubs manager Joe Maddon. "He stayed with that and drove a line to the right field. A beautiful thing."

Rizzo described the unprecedented success and rapid escape from being with Rachel a "conclusion" for Bote. Javier Baez said he and Bote were talking about the imminent birth on Saturday at Wrigley Field.

"I did not know he was leaving, but he's excited," Baez said.

Baez said that he remembered having experienced a situation similar to that of Bote last summer, while his wife was expecting their first child.

"I had a baby on June 28 and we were playing LA's last game," he said. "I had to fly the day before and I did not see my baby being born. But I saw it on Facetime, and the next time I have a baby, I will not miss it. It was impressive. We knew that Bote would be gone for a few days. … He will be an integral part of this team and we need him as soon as possible. "

But the first things first. Soaking can wait.

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