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David Fincher, Gary Oldman "Mank" Producer of "Citizen Kane" for Netflix – Deadline

BREAKING: After doing the revolutionary series Room of cards and Hunter of spirit at Netflix, David Fincher will make his first feature film for the streaming service. He will lead Mank a long dream project for the filmmaker about the man who shared the best original screenplay for Citizen Kane with Orson Welles. Gary Oldman will play screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz in a drama written by Fincher's father, Howard Fincher.

The film prepares for a shoot in November in Los Angeles and Fincher will be shot in black and white. Ceán Chaffin will produce the photo with Douglas J. Urbanski, the partner of Oldman, Oscar nominee for producing Darkest hour, the film that earned Oldman the Oscar for Best Actor.

Citizen Kane

"Citizen Kane"
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Mank was once Fincher's following his 1997 film The game, and at one point it was going to be his future Room of cards star of the movie, Kevin Spacey, as a screenwriter. It collapsed because of the filmmaker's insistence on turning black and white, as Citizen Kane was shot. Fincher was particularly passionate about the scenario of his own father, the former head of Life Magazine's office, who died in 2003.

Mankiewicz was one of the best known and best paid screenwriters of the early years of Hollywood. He ran into Orson Welles about the credit of the seminal drama Citizen Kane, which had a big impact on him. Former Chicago correspondent of the Chicago Tribune and drama critic for the New York Times and the New Yorker, Mankiewicz wrote for one of the most prominent films of his era. Welles and he shared the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay for Citizen Kane in 1941. Among the other films he worked on during his career were: The wizard of Oz, man of the world, dine at eight, pride of the Yankees and The pride of Saint Louis. Although he is known for his satirical sense of humor that he lent to his scripts, this story is not happy.

Oldman just played for Netflix in the movie directed by Steven Soderbergh The laundromat, the drama on the massive data leak known as Panama Papers, alongside a cast including Meryl Streep and Antonio Banderas.

Fincher also produced the animated news collection Love, Death and Robots for Netflix,

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