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Deal: Get the Samsung Galaxy Buds for $ 100 ($ 30 off)

Originally spotted by Android fontVerizon currently offers Samsung Galaxy Buds for $ 99.99 ($ ​​30 off). You can also get a $ 20 discount after your purchase.

First, add the Galaxy Buds to your cart. You will not see the $ 30 instant rebate before you're ready to checkout. Once you have purchased the Galaxy Buds for $ 99.99, visit the Verizon Promotion Center and enter the code. SPEND99. You must also enter the purchase date and email address you used for the purchase.

Once this is done, look for an email from yourverizonsubmission@yourdigitalrebatecenter.com. The e-mail will ask you the receipt, which will be in the box next to the Galaxy Buds. Scan and send the receipt, then simply wait for a $ 20 Verizon prepaid gift card.

Strangely, the agreement might only work for guessing and with some browsers. Some complained about the case does not work in Firefox, so try another browser if it does not work for you.

An extra $ 20 in your pocket is worth the discount process, but you still save $ 30 on the Galaxy Buds. To quickly recap, the Galaxy Buds feature Bluetooth 5, three audio codecs, up to six hours of battery life, wireless charging with the case, and touch controls.

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