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Dear Abby, Man worries about his less fulfilling future as he approaches retirement

CHER ABBY: I had a wonderful and rewarding career and a life with some tough bumps on the road. My wife and I enjoy spending time together as empty breeders.

Over the past 16 years, I have built and run several non-profit organizations. After the last experience, we moved and I now have a less demanding job which, I hope, will lead me to retirement.

I like this post, but how can I prepare for a rewarding and rewarding life once I will no longer be fully employed? My wife and I are planning to winter in Florida, to travel and enjoy life. I have some hobbies on which I plan to spend time, but I hope for more than that. Looking back, I wonder if I may have spent too much on my career.

I guess I have a hard time giving up the driving, the pace and the high expectations I've had throughout my adult life. Do you have suggestions to help me prepare for the next chapter? I will continue to help others and volunteer, but I need advice. – GO LETTING TROUBLE IN PENNSYLVANIA

DEAR TROUBLE: Before you retire, make sure you are really ready to take the next step and discuss with your wife what it will mean for both of you. Between helping others, volunteering, traveling and dividing the year between two different communities, I guess you'll be very busy.

Now that you have time, use some of it to see your children and grandchildren, if there are any. Also do not forget that it is important to stay active physically and mentally, and may consider coaching someone if the opportunity arises.

CHER ABBY: My wonderful 82-year-old father-in-law still practices regularly, and it shows. They are beautiful and healthy. I was particularly impressed when my father-in-law recently announced that, every day, he "trained" to get up from a fall while lying on the ground. floor, then to get up without using his hands. He said that he repeats the process several times a day because it keeps his core strong. I think it's great. Maybe other seniors who read this will incorporate this practice into their daily lives if they can. – YOUNG GIRL IN LAW IN CALIFORNIA

Dear Blessed: I'm glad you shared what your in-laws do to stay healthy. Those who have not tried to lie on the floor and get up without using their hands may be surprised at the first attempt. It's not as easy as it looks. The trick is to roll on your knees and lift one leg at a time without touching your thighs. I tried it and I can do it – but it took a little practice. I encourage people of all ages to try.

DEAR READERS: I wish a Happy Father's Day to all fathers – fathers by birth, stepfathers, adoptive and adoptive fathers, grandfathers and all those caring men who supervise children and play the role of absent fathers. And a big congratulations to moms with double role. I congratulate you all. – LOVE, ABBY

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