MANCHESTER, Tennessee – A 27-year-old Bonnaroo festival participant died Saturday, Bonnaroo officials said.

The organizers of Bonnaroo announced that a medical team from Plaza 11 had reacted to a medical situation at a nearby campsite and had found the victim, who had camped with his father, without reacting, but was breathing.

The Bonnaroo EMS team and Coffee County emergency medical services were on hand a few minutes later, organizers said.

The medical team administered CPR and he was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Death of Bonnaroo in 2018: 32 year old man found dead Friday morning at festival campsite

The cause of death of the victim was not known immediately. In a statement released, Bonnaroo organizers said it appeared that the victim was suffering from an underlying health problem.

The organizers and the Coffee County Sheriff's Office do not publish additional information on the death, including the identity of the man.

The Director of Coffee County Emergency Medical Services could not be reached immediately for comment.

Death occurs one year after the death of another man at the festival campgrounds.

Michael Donivan Craddock Jr., 32, was found dead in the camping area. An autopsy confirmed that he had died of an overdose. A toxicology report found cocaine, alcohol and MDA in his system at the time of his death.

New arch Bonnaroo: From shame to good, the reaction to the new Ark of Bonnaroo is mixed

This year's four-day festival is complete. With 80,000 attendees, this is the first time that the festival has been fully selling since 2013, when the Beatles' great Paul McCartney was in the spotlight.

Bonnaroo, which runs until Sunday, is titled by Phish, Childish Gambino and Post Malone.

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