Decision of the Judge of the Appeals Chamber confirming the urgency of the Trump Border Wall


Border wall with Mexico in El Centro, California.

The Chamber had argued that President Donald Trump had exceeded his executive power when he used the powers and emergency provisions in the drug and military construction laws to reorient $ 6.1 billion to a wall. | Jacquelyn Martin / AP Photo File

The House of Representatives today appealed the decision of a federal judge to maintain President Donald Trump's ability to channel billions of dollars in non-congressional appropriations for the construction of boundary walls.

This decision reinforces the judicial struggle between the Democratic Democrat-Democrat-Democrat-Democrat-Democrat-Democrat-Democrat-Democratic-Democrat-Democrat (Attorney General) on his declaration of national emergency in February as part of 39; a plan to obtain $ 6.7 billion financing for the construction of a wall. Trump announced the emergency after Congress refused to provide a similar amount for the wall.

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The appeal will be taken to the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. Last week, Judge Trevor McFadden of the District Court was dismissed and demolished the House's challenge to the attempted transfer of money.

The Chamber had argued that Trump exceeded his executive authority when he used emergency powers and provisions of the anti-drug and military construction laws to redirect $ 6.1 billion to a wall. Legislators, however, have not contested the $ 600 million transfer of a drug confiscation fund from the Treasury Department.

Trump's use of emergency powers is being prosecuted in several federal courts.

In late May, an Oakland-based federal judge issued a preliminary injunction that blocked the transfer of about $ 1 billion in drug control funding by the Department of Defense for building walls.


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