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DELAY Trending – My twi m took me to places where English scholars can not go
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Television personality Deloris Frimpong Manso revealed that her Ghanaian language was a straightforward expression. Twi took her to many places.

During a motivational speech, Delay admitted that she would not wear English on her shoulders as a badge of honor, as many people cherish him.

According to her, she will continue to communicate with the local language with which she is comfortable because it has taken her to many places and will continue to send her elsewhere.

Delay noted that where her Twi took her away, English masters can not go and she will continue to be proud of her mother tongue.

She quoted:

"I can not go with my master's degree in English," says Delay

According to Delay, the English language is not something she wears on her shoulders like a badge of honor. The arrogant TV presenter made this statement in a video she shared, in which she addressed an audience.

She insisted that "where I'm going to go with my twenty years, you can not go with your master's degree in English". We do not know exactly what people Delay was talking about or referring to, so we are tempted to agree with her.

Apart from that, we would have been worried if she were talking to influential and fulfilling personalities such as Lucy Quist and others who were also turning to English with a master's degree, probably further than she. Well, we do not even know where she plans to go or plan to go, so let yourself go.