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Delta flight suffered an engine failure and landed safely under the eyes of passengers

There are countless awesome views to admire from the window of a plane. A spraying engine emitting a disconcerting orange glow is not part of it.

On Monday, passengers on the Delta 1425 flight from Atlanta to Baltimore were "treated" to such a spectacle after the power loss of an engine on their MD-88 aircraft after about an hour.

While the pilots turned away and made a secure emergency landing at the Raleigh – Durham International Airport, passengers sitting near the windows documented the scary scene:

"After hearing the boom, we saw all the smoke coming into the cabin and that's when we really started to panic," said passenger Avery Porch at WMAR 2 News. "It started to slow down a bit. It was getting hot. The air was cut.

Once the initial shock dissipated, Porch said he was installed in a "strange feeling of calm" and was reassured by the way the flight crew handled the situation.

In a statement to HuffPost, Delta confirmed that the flight had been baffled "after a problem with one of the aircraft engines" and that it had landed without incident.

None of the 148 passengers on board were injured.

John Kasarda, aviation consultant and professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, told local television channel WRAL that the planes are purposefully built to withstand such an incident.

"These planes are designed to fly very safely with a single engine, even across the Atlantic and the Pacific," Kasarda told the station. "Although this is confusing, safety is not a major factor, although precautions must be taken."

Delta told CNN that the plane was back in service Wednesday morning after engine replacement.

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