Delta Reduces seats on A320

Delta brings an interesting change to its fleet of Airbus A320, whether good or bad, depending on your point of view.

Delta reduces seat tilt on A320s

As reported by Skift, Delta will dramatically reduce seat tilt on 62 Airbus A320, most of which generally operate short flights:

  • In economy, Delta will reduce the tilt from four to two inches
  • In first class, Delta will reduce the tilt from five inches to three and a half inches

The first downhill aircraft flies from this weekend and the project is expected to be completed within two months. Delta calls this a test, so it may be extended to other planes.

First class A320 from Delta

Why Delta reduces seat tilt

Delta does not do this to add more seats to planes. In fact, their A320s are already very dense, with 157 seats.

On the contrary, Delta does it because they think it will increase passenger comfort. Delta has long been trying to earn an income premium as a business traveler airline and has invested in high-speed Wi-Fi and personal television at every seat in most of its fleet.

The problem is that when you use a low-cost product that's 30 inches tall, it's very difficult to open even a laptop if the person in front of you is tilted. By reducing the tilt potential, Delta thinks that they will create a better experience for passengers.

As described by the director of customer experience and product aboard Delta:

"It's not about adding seats to the cabin or finding a way to reduce seat height. It's about ensuring an optimal experience. "

My position on the reclining seat

The inclination of the seat is a controversial subject and many people disagree on whether the inclination is a right or a privilege.

Personally, I think that the inclination of a seat is a right (that's why the control is in your place), but you must remain courteous, that is to say that you must bow slowly and ideally , turn around and look at the people behind you.

Bottom line

Personally, I do not use tilt on daytime domestic flights at all, so I am in favor of this change. My priority is always to open my laptop, and even in Delta's first class, it can be difficult to do when the person in front of you is completely inclined.

I am therefore in favor of this change on the part of Delta, while recognizing that others are more valuable than me. I would certainly not appreciate this change when a tourniquet with red eyes.

What do you think of Delta's decision to reduce seat tilt on some planes – are you for or against?

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