Deltarune chapters 3, 4 and 5 will drop at the same time, says Toby Fox


Deltarune creator Toby Fox aims to release the next three chapters of his sequel to SubtitleDeltarune Chapters 3, 4, and 5 – all at once, Fox shared in an update. Instead of just getting Chapter 3, like we did for Chapters 1 and 2, it will release three together, up to Chapter 5. Fox has stated that it will then release the game for sale, although he did not indicate a price.

Deltarune Chapter 1 was released in 2018, and Chapter 2 got a surprise release on September 17.

“It’s been a really tough world for everyone lately. So I decided to release DELTARUNE Chapter 2 for free, ”said Fox. Seven chapters in total are expected, according to the Deltarune website at time of publication.

Fox has yet to set a price, but said the full game will cost more than Subtitle. The creator encouraged fans to spend the money they saved by downloading Chapter 2 for free by supporting other independent developers.

Fox said he originally planned to release chapters together once they were all completed, but noted that it was “difficult for both creators and fans to go without a release for long.”

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