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Demaryius Thomas, receiver of the Patriots Off, attended his first match live on Thursday night after he ripped the Achilles tendon last year. He then felt very well.

In fact, Thomas said that he felt better than before the injury.

"In fact, I feel much better now," said Thomas via the Providence Newspaper. "Before the injury, I was a little smaller. But I'm a little heavier, a little stronger. The program we have set up here has helped a lot and I feel very good. "

Thomas said he does not worry about another injury and thinks he'll be part of the Patriots offense this year.

"I go out and play. If I'm going to hurt myself, I'm going to hurt myself, but I'm going to be hurt at full speed, "Thomas said. "My Achilles is great. I will do everything I can to play my best ball. I'm not going to think about anything, I'm not going to have it in my head, because in general, when I have it in my head, I do not play my best. So, I will do my best and if I hurt myself, I am too. "

The Patriots lost a big target when Rob Gronkowski retired, but they added Thomas, the first choice choice of Keal Harry and Josh Gordon's return from the suspension. If everyone is ready to leave, Tom Brady will have plenty of options.

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