Democratic Senators return to green Green New Deal, call for vote to say climate change is real


SEnate Democrats presented a joint resolution affirming that climate change is a real threat to life on Earth.

The resolution, which is barely a page, is a response to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., Which forces the vote on a separate bill introduced earlier this month by Senator Ed Markey, D-Mass.

Markey's resolution, from Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, DN.Y., is now co-sponsored by 11 Democrats in the Senate, including all hopes for 2020. He calls for specific and prohibitively costly measures to fight against climate change. Democrats are unhappy that McConnell is putting forward their proposal for a vote, and they responded Thursday by proposing a joint measure to counter the power play of the majority leader in the Senate.

In other words, the Democratic senators are developing a proposal that they once enthusiastically supported. And the Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., Is now struggling to find the best way to counter Republicans in the Senate. Schumer certainly did not want this situation. And his solution, perhaps the best available, gives his party a much worse appearance than he realizes.

The problem with their fallback resolution, which bears the names of all 47 Democratic senators, is that it suggests they are not sincere in the face of climate change. After all, they have just launched the Green New Deal. Now, they are asking for a vote to say that climate change is real. Do not they have it back? Perhaps it would have been wiser to establish a consensus before proposing a revolutionary overhaul of the multi-billion dollar US economy. Or has their membership in Cortez's Green New Deal ever really come to anything concrete? Was it always more about to play at the fantasy of their base that it was to fight against climate change?

The joint resolution, which was announced Thursday by Schumer, asks that the Senate vote to affirm three fundamental beliefs. These beliefs are:

– Climate change is real.

– The human activity during the last century is the main cause of the climate crisis

– The US Congress should take immediate action to address the challenge of climate change.

Senate Democrats do not really take a bold stance. They went from supporting the extremely ambitious Green New Deal to the demand for a vote to agree that climate change is real, and all because they did not expect McConnell to call the resolution of Markey. Worse than playing with their own legislation, Democrats also seem to be freezing as you go, and it's a hell of a lot to do if you really believe the world will end if we do not something radical in the country. Next 12 years.

I do not think I'm alone when I say that this joint resolution, which aims to hurt Republicans, is Democrats the air impeccable and weak. Even David Roberts of Vox, the patron saint of climate alarmists in the media, is not impressed by McCumer's control of Schumer.

"My God, it's sad," Roberts lamented on social media.

"In terms of health, the Democratic Party is proud to take a stand and proclaim, with one voice: the disease is real. People get sick or hurt sometimes. The government should probably do something about it. "

Has a first – year Democrat in the House ever caused so much embarrassment to the whole presidential field of his party?

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