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olympic gymnasts Simone Bilès and Aly raisman will testify on Wednesday about the sexual abuse they suffered from the disgraced American gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar, as the US Senate examines why the FBI failed to investigate his crimes earlier.

Biles and Raisman to appear before Senate Judiciary Committee alongside their former Olympic teammate Mckayla maroney and former gymnast Maggie Nichols, who was the first victim to report the abuse in the United States Gymnastic.

The hearing takes place after the Inspector General of the Ministry of Justice, Michael horowitz, in July published a scathing report who blasted the FBI for botching his investigation into a series of errors that allowed the abuse to continue for months.

Horowitz will also testify on Wednesday, as will the Director of the FBI, Chris Wray, which is expected to face heated bipartisan questions over why the officers who botched the investigation were never prosecuted for their misconduct.

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Simone Biles and her fellow gymnasts arrive on Capitol Hill to testify in the Senate


Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, prevailed in a historic recall election that made him fight for his political life.

Newsom’s most popular challenger was Larry Elder, a right-wing radio host who made comparisons with Donald trump on his efforts to cast baseless doubts on the electoral process.

Newsom did not host a night before or election night celebration. Instead, he gave reporters a somber tone on Tuesday night, saying: “Tonight I am humbled, grateful, but purposeful.”

Speaking in Sacramento, Newsom said that by voting no on the Republican-led recall, Californians said, “Yes to science, we said yes to vaccines.

Newsom easily beats recall efforts, delivering major victory for Democrats

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