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Democrats lose patience with "fraudulent" AOC and join hands with Pelosi

House Democrats and their assistants soon lose patience with Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez because of ongoing clashes in her office with Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi and other long-time members, suggesting that the disdainful remarks of the president could represent the opinion of a caucus group.

"It's a complete fraud," a senior Democratic source told Fox News on Friday, succinctly summarizing the frustration of the members.

The last drop, for some, has been the legislator's claim that Pelosi was particularly disrespectful to women members of Congress. A senior lawmaker, who is black, burned Thursday Ocasio-Cortez for allegedly using the race card against the speaker, calling his comments "so inappropriate". Some lawmakers have even flip-flopped, arguing that a group that aligned itself with it was speaking to black lawmakers to address the main challenges that these comments might pose.


"Her peers do not take her seriously," a leading Democratic source said Friday, adding, "They think it's absurd to call the racist speaker, Offensive and absurd."

Ocasio-Cortez, who won his seat after a landslide victory over House Democratic caucus chair Joe Crowley, has "no power" – despite his massive follow-up on Twitter and his unique ability to sometimes command the cycle. the new.

"It's a person. She is a first-year Congressman without any power. She is not worth the brains of the speaker, "said the source, accusing her of starting" unnecessary distractions due to serious problems "and skipping meetings and conference calls in favor of interviews, tweets and of "mirages" in the media.


"In this building, it's about the number of others you can bring to your side. She may have two members – sometimes four, "added the source.

The comments come as prominent members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) side with Pelosi.

"It was such a weak argument to say that she was restrained and that four women of color were chosen by the speaker," CBC representative William Lacy Clay said Thursday evening. member of the CBC. "It shows their lack of sensitivity to racism. Use this [trope] is a weak argument. This does not belong in a civil discussion.

Clay added that "this will take a maturing process for these freshmen. They will have to learn to be effective legislators. "

The quarrel between Ocasio-Cortez and Pelosi intensified after the Congress recently passed a bill on financing the border between Ocasio-Cortez and the new representatives, Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., Rashida Tlaib , D-Mich. And Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass. , all opposed.

In an interview last weekend, Pelosi told the New York Times: "All these people have their audience and their Twitter universe, but they do not have ads. They are four people and the number of votes they have obtained. "


Ocasio-Cortez then told the Washington Post this week that the speaker's "persistent choice" was "utterly disrespectful" and affected the "newly elected women of color".

But Friday, when Fox News asked her how she would react to the criticism of playing the "race card" against Pelosi, Ocasio-Cortez fought back: "What? It's stupidly wrong.

Pelosi this week also warned lawmakers against negative tweet about their colleagues. Asked Thursday about her discussions with the New York legislator, Pelosi acknowledged that she had recently spoken – "at the request of my members" – of an "offensive tweet emanating from from their offices "which compared the centrist democrats to segregationists. . This tweet was written and then deleted by Saikat Chakrabarti, chief of staff of Ocasio-Cortez.

"Our members were shocked by this," said Pelosi, saying his comments had received a positive response. "I approached that."

She added, "I said what I'm going to say … What I said in caucus yesterday has elicited an overwhelming response from my members because they know what the facts are and what we respond to We respect the value of each member of our caucus Diversity is a wonderful thing Diversity is our strength Unity is our power.

Even President Trump, who has struck Pelosi several times since coming to power, sided with him on Friday, calling Ocasio-Cortez "disrespectful" and saying his interlocutor was "uncomfortable". not a racist.

In addition, Democrats bristle at the interference of Democrats aligned with Ocasio-Cortez, a progressive group seeking primary Democratic members, some of whom are part of the CBC.

"It makes you wonder what's going on," Robin Kelly, D-Ill, another CBC member, told The Hill. "Some of the names mentioned all seem to be people of color, and even more so are CBC members."

At the same time, the renowned Democratic source told Fox News that Justice Democrats "does not have the capacity to prioritize anyone"

"Nobody is afraid of these nerds," the source said, referring to Democratic Justice.

This organization also came into play on Friday, sending back an assistant who told The Hill Ocasio-Cortez that it was a "puppet" and that the group was funded by "white liberals".

"If Nancy Pelosi wants" unity, "she should condemn the appalling comments made by a senior Democratic adviser about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez," tweeted the Democratic judge.

Chad Pergram, Sam Dorman, Alex Pappas and Jason Donner of Fox News contributed to this report.

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