Democrats will not lift the finger to help the White House to immigration

White House spokesman Hogan Gidley said the Democrats were refusing to work with the White House on a plan to fight illegal immigration.

He appeared on Fox News a few hours after President Trump confirmed information that he was planning to place illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities. Guest host Dan Bongino asked Gidley if the Democrats were working with the White House on "any substantive proposal" to ensure that people entering the United States do so in accordance with the law.

"Absolutely not," said Gidley. "I have not heard of any particular plan of the Democrats."

He said the Democrats "will not raise the finger" to work with the White House to solve the immigration problem, preferring to score political points rather than devise a real solution to the problem. immigration.

"They choose to stand alongside hundreds of thousands of people entering the country illegally and illegally, as opposed to hundreds of millions of US citizens," said Gidley. "They can not and do not want to address this problem at all, I guess it's just political because Donald Trump is in the White House and they think they can bring these people into the country and get them to vote for they someday. "

Earlier in the day, Trump had approved the idea of ​​collecting illegal immigrants and sending them to cities such as California where sanctuary cities had policies that prevented them from cooperating with federal immigration officials.

Trump tweeted the Democrats "do not want to change our very dangerous immigration laws" and said that "the radical left always seems to have open borders, an open arms policy – so that should make them very happy! "

The Democrats have been outraged by the proposal. The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., Said that such a plan is "unworthy of the presidency".

Gidley said the White House is asking Democrats which sanctuary towns they want to see illegal immigrants. Federal officials will be "happy" to take them there.

The Trump administration is currently undergoing a massive reshuffle of its top immigration officials. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and others have left the party in favor of a tougher approach, as family units are trying to do illegally in the United States, which is overwhelming the security system. borders of the country.

Although Gidley said the Democrats would not talk about immigration to the White House, they say they are ready to deal with Republicans in Congress.

Mr. Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., Said this week that they were both ready to sit down together to try to find an elusive agreement on reform. of immigration.

Trump declared a border emergency in February, which would allow him to move government funds to build a wall along the southern border. The order prompted a swift judicial challenge from 16 states.

Trump announced Wednesday that he should send more troops to the southern border after the increase in the number of illegal crossings in the United States. After sending 3,750 troops to the border in February, the number of soldiers at the border increased to 6,000 in addition to customs. and border protection officers.

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