Dems think they're fighting Trump in the battle of emergency declarations

Democrats are in arms President TrumpDonald John Trump: Rosenstein to leave MJ next month: Allies are wary of Shanahan's assurances and the imminent presence of Trump states in a lawsuit to block Trump's national emergency statementStatement of a national emergency on the southern border, but they also see political gold in his highly controversial power game.

Speaker Nancy PelosiNancy Patricia's Alesandro PelosiDonald Trump has a proven track record in winning the fight for border security Trump should be wary of "recovery" Congress The national emergency will haunt Republicans in the upcoming elections approach (D-Calif.) Raises funds from the executive, while polls indicate that his decision is largely unpopular with voters in the country.

Republicans argue over whether the president's statement should stand. And Democrats hope the public perception that Trump has played too much that his hand will influence the high stakes elections of 2020.

"Hard-working Americans are fed up with the failures and dysfunctions of Washington Republicans – which is why they voted overwhelmingly to remove them from office in 2018 and reject them again in 2020," Jared Smith said on Tuesday. spokesman for the Democratic branch of Democrats.

The Democrats' strategy of stressing the emergency declaration carries with it its own risks. Polls show that Republicans overwhelmingly support Trump's decision to use the emergency declaration to free up funds for his long-sought-after border wall. It is a problem that he will surely exploit to force these voters to the polls next year.

Yet many Capitol Hill Republicans had initially warned Trump not to make the drastic decision to bypass Congress for funding, and the GOP is now divided on the answer to be given – a fight that will not fail to provoke a painful headache to the Senate Majority Leader. Mitch McConnellAddison (Mitch) Mitchell McConnellThe Democrats Escape the GOP's "trap" against the Green New Deal Trump should be wary of the "Recovery" Congress Juan Williams: America Needs Radical Solutions MORE (R-Ky.), Who had opposed the emergency declaration a few weeks ago.

These Republican divisions have been closely watched, even before Trump announces his independent approach to the Rose Garden on Friday, and Democrats believe that the discord only reinforces their argument that Trump is abusing the executive power simply to hold his central campaign promise. .

The Democrats are ready to launch and are considering various tactics, including legislation and lawsuits, to block any new wall construction with funds for other programs already approved by Congress. Yet the Democratic leaders do not seem in a hurry to react formally and are content to remain in the background, at least temporarily, while Republicans argue very publicly against the wisdom of Trump's approach.

"This will continue to stress and undermine our government institutions," explained the former representative. Carlos CurbeloCarlos Luis CurbeloTrump suggests that Heller lost his bid for reelection because he was "hostile" during the 2016 presidential campaign Trey Gowdy joins Fox News as a GOP contributor "probably" a supportive measure to support the pact on the climate of Paris PLUS (R-Fla.), A Hispanic American and a key GOP voice on immigration issues, told The Hill. "This is another indicator of the troubling political crisis that our country is going through."

A poll on Tuesday revealed that while most Republicans support Trump's declaration of urgency, the executive's decision is not very popular overall.

According to a NPR / PBS Newshour / Marist poll, more than 60% of respondents disapprove of unilateral action aimed at building the border wall, while 36% approve it.

Stating that the statement excites both Trump's base and the Democratic opposition, 85 percent of Republicans surveyed said they support the president, while 84 percent of Democrats said they disapproved. Sixty-three percent of independents surveyed said they were opposed to the president's plan, highlighting problems he may face in next year's general election.

And Trump suffers from more headwinds: 58% of respondents said there was no national emergency at the border; 57% said Trump was abusing his executive power; and 60% said his decision should be challenged in court.

Trump and his supporters defended the emergency declaration, saying that waves of migrants arriving at the US-Mexico border were threatening public safety, leaving the president with no choice but to act.

"We need to stop drugs and crime, as well as criminals and human trafficking, as well as anything that a strong wall will stop," Trump said at the conference. White House at an event highlighting its space policy. "If our country does not have borders, we do not have too much nation."

Democrats rejected these arguments, and during President's Day weekend, many voiced opposition on Twitter and at campaign rallies to heighten pressure on the GOP.

Democratic Republic Dina TitusAlice (Dina) Costandina TitusOregon Dem, the first 2018 recipient of money from the marijuana industry, the Justice Ministry announces funding of 0.7 million euros to help victims of marijuana the massive shooting of Las Vegas in 2020, making an unlikely immigration deal in the lame duck MORE, who represents a congressional district of Nevada with a large Hispanic population, tweeted, "The #FakeTrumpEmergency clearly violates our system of checks and balances. I hope that @HouseGOP and @SenateGOP will join us in fighting Trump's grotesque power abuse. "

And at a rally in the snow in Cambridge, Massachusetts, first-year representative. Ayanna PressleyAyanna PressleyDemocratic voters are more opposed to the provisions of the border agreement than the Ocasio-Cortez Republicans, other progressive freshmen who oppose the Ocasio-Border Bill. Cortez leads an immigration rally in front of the White House MORE (D-Mass.) Also criticized what Democrats call the "false Trump emergency".

"The real urgency is the humanitarian crisis on our border. The real urgency is that Flint still does not have clean water. The real urgency is that Puerto Rico is still in the dark. … The real urgency is the existential threat that hangs over our very existence, namely climate change, "said Pressley as she spoke under the hood. "It's a false emergency; it's constitutional vandalism. It is a derogation, an excessive authority and an abuse of power. And we will do everything to stop it. "

In recent days, Pelosi's re-election campaign and leadership cap sent emails urging supporters to open their wallets to help congressional Democrats block Trump's emergency action.

"Last week's statement is an abuse of power – an anarchic and desperate attempt to distract people from Trump's inability to keep his election promise to charge Mexico for his ridiculous border wall," Pelosi wrote. in a fundraising email sent by her "CAP towards the future."

"Trump is trying a final round of Congress to succeed," she wrote. "We will do everything in our power to stop it. We need you on board. Help strengthen our core network to oppose Trump and hold him accountable for his failures. "

Democrats promise a legislative response, which should happen soon.

representatives Joaquin CastroJoaquin CastroGOP, senator, expresses concern about the Trump order, has not yet decided whether he would support his response. The aggressive response to Trump 's emergency order is ready, as GOP Ocasio – Cortez and Castro dissidents plan to introduce a bill to block the national emergency. (D-Texas) and Alexandria Ocasio-CortezThe Democrats of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Escape the GOP's Control over the Green New Deal The Green New Deal Will Benefit Independent Family Farmers Juan Williams: America Needs Radical Solutions MORE (D-N.Y.) Are drafting a resolution that would block Trump's statement before it takes off. The nascent proposal has already attracted 83 co-sponsors, Castro's office announced Tuesday, although the timing of its publication remains unclear in the middle of a week-long parliamentary holiday.

States and outside groups are showing more urgency. A coalition of 16 states on Monday challenged the legal challenge to Trump's statement, saying it violated the clear separation of powers and congressional control over federal spending, as set out in the constitution.

The American Civil Liberties Union has already brought a similar action.

Critics at Capitol Hill and other cities use Trump's own remarks as proof that the statement aims to resolve a crisis that does not exist.

"I did not need to do that," said the president on Friday, "but I would prefer to do it much faster."

Pelosi did not waste a lot of time compiling these comments.

"The clearest sign that #fakeTrumpEmergency at @ realDonaldTrump is not legitimate?", She tweeted Friday. "The president himself said that he did not need to declare a national emergency."

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