Dems wonder how to vote on the "Green New Deal"


Democratic Senate leaders are wondering how to vote on a controversial climate change proposal championed by the progressives and mocks the Conservatives.

The plan, offered by firebrand Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-CortezAlexandria Ocasio-CortezCoast, an officer of the Guard accused of terrorist plot charged with drugs and drugs, Ocasio-Cortez said that the bartender had prepared him to cross-examine Michael Cohen Ocasio-Cortez: the superhero portrait shows "we all have a superhero in us" (D-N.Y.) Will be voted in the Senate later this year as part of a GOP-led effort to divide the Democrats and have them report on the "Green New Deal."

But Democratic leader Charles SchumerCharles (Chuck) Ellis SchumerCoast: A Guard Officer Charged with Terrorist Plot Prosted of Drugs and Drugs Brennan Denounces "Trump's Selfishness" Against Harry Reid Critics Trump Tears Harry Reid for "Missed Career" After the former leader of the Dem condemned him for interview PLUS (N.Y.) presented a plan with his caucus to vote on the ambitious bill. It remains to be seen whether Democratic senators will adopt Schumer's strategy.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnellAddison (Mitch) Mitchell McConnellOvernight Energy: Collins Will Oppose Wheeler for EPA Leader | Feinstein clarifies views on the Green New Deal | Schumer asks McConnell to seek an agreement for a "bypass" The Senate confirms Trump's candidacy for IRS Schumer's key role: McConnell's plan to impose the "Green New Deal" vote on a "deviation" MORE (R-Ky.) On Wednesday, the Green New Deal was dubbed "Santa's far left wish list dressed to look like a serious policy".

Non-binding legislation calls on the federal government to achieve net greenhouse gas emissions, eliminate as much pollution as possible from a technological perspective, and provide high-quality training and education so that "the entire population of United States "can participate in the mobilization of the Green New Deal. . McConnell said the Senate would vote on the Green New Deal before the parliamentary recess in August.

A Democratic senator aware of the internal deliberations said Schumer had contacted his more liberal colleagues who ran for president to make sure they adhered to the current voting strategy.

However, not all Democrats are on the same page.

Sen. Joe ManchinJoseph (Joe) Manchin's annual scorecard ranks the GOP's environmental efforts well below Dems in 2018 The Hill's Morning Report – Dems Seems to Have Voices Against Trump During a D & D Situation Emergency A reprimand at the border is imminent for Trump PLUS (DW.Va.), who once shot an advertising campaign in which he had shot with a shotgun proposal on President Obama's climate of cap and trade, had said Wednesday that he would be likely to vote "no".

"I have to work with reality. I have to make sure we get affordable energy, said Manchin.

Asked about the draft vote presented by his colleague at the Green New Deal, Manchin replied, "They can do what they want. I am not one of the kind present. "

Other Democrats from coal-producing states, such as the Sen. Bob CaseyRobert (Bob) Patrick CaseyTrump states that Democrats "are not shy about running a baby after birth" after blocking an abortion bill Democrats block a bill on abortion in the Senate GOP wants to oppose Ocasio-Cortez to the Democrats in the Senate MORE Jr. (Pa.) And Jon TesterJonathan (Jon) TesterWhite House pleads with the Senate GOP on an emergency statement Night Energy: Trump ends negotiations with California on car emissions | Dems face tough vote on Green New Deal | Climate PAC will support Inslee in a possible run to the 2020 horizon, Dems facing a tough vote on the Green New Deal PLUS (Mt.), said on Wednesday that they were still considering the Green New Deal.

Sen. Ed MarkeyEdward (Ed) John MarkeyOvernight Energy: Collins Opposes Wheeler for EPA Leader | Feinstein clarifies views on the Green New Deal | Schumer calls on McConnell to press for the agreement to be a "hijacking" Steyer says the proposed Green New Deal is a "first draft" The climate change advocate says that a viral exchange with Feinstein shows "l & rsquo; Emergency "of the problem PLUS (D-Mass.), Co-author in the Senate of the resolution on the "Green New Deal" of Ocasio-Cortez, said that he was working with Schumer and refused to say it. would vote rather than "yes" on his own proposal. The measure of the House has 89 Democratic co-sponsors, while Senate legislation has 11. The six Democratic senators who launched a presidential candidacy formally support the Green New Deal and praised it during the campaign election.

At a time when polls show that Democratic voters are extremely motivated by climate change, some Democrats do not think it prudent to forgo a bold proposal touted by one of the fastest rising stars, Ocasio -Cortez.

"There are some differences of opinion as to whether it is going too far or too far, if it has been deployed in the best possible way," the Senate minority whip Dick DurbinRichard (Dick) Joseph Durbin Children Confront Feinstein About A Green New Deal In The Senate To Avoid A Fight Around The Stop Of The Energy Nightfall: Trump Ends Discussions With California on car emissions | Dems face tough vote on Green New Deal | PAC PAC climate supporting Inslee in the course of the year 2020 PLUS (D-Ill.) Said Green New Deal.

"I will give credit to the sponsors, especially to my friend Ed Markey. As a country, we need to take this problem seriously and not waste time doing it, "added Durbin.

Sen. Jeff MerkleyJeffrey (Jeff) Alan MerkleyRep. Beyer: What I learned In Central America, the Senate confirms the choice of the Trump court despite the fact that two "blue bulletins" are missing Sixteen years later, let's finally listen to the 9/11 Commission's call NEXT (Ore.), A declared liberal who is considering a presidential candidacy in 2020, has described the Green New Deal as a firm proposal.

"We have a huge problem. Second, we need to approach this boldly. The investment of these funds will create millions of jobs. We need to ensure that the benefits of clean energy and jobs benefit communities that have often been ignored, "said Merkley, co-sponsor.

But a Democratic senator who faces a race for re-election in 2020 left it to have left too much imagination.

"Missing a lot of details is missing," said the legislator.

The Republicans' decision to impose a vote on democratic laws is similar to that which preceded the Obama administration's vote on Obama's budgets in 2012 and 2015. Democrats have accused Republicans of making the policy and measures were rejected respectively by 98-1 and 99-0. .

In previous elections, climate change legislation was considered a major handicap for Democrats during tough races.

Centrist Democrats such as the former Sense. Mary LandrieuMary Loretta LandrieuLobbying World, Former Mayor of New Orleans: My intention is not to run for president Dems, but to seize the way to stop the choice of the Trump Supreme Court MORE (The.) And Evan Bayh (Ind.) Asked Obama at the end of 2009 to no longer talk about legislation on cap and trade, fearing that this would spread politically on the Democrats.

Democrats lost control of the House in 2010 after the presidency Nancy PelosiNancy Patricia of Alesandro PelosiCoast, responsible for the custody accused of terrorist plot charged with arms and drug trafficking, democratic tensions accumulate after the government has amended the draft law on weapons to fire Omar calls the indictment of "inevitable", "terrifying" SUITE (D-Calif.) In 2009 launched a frenzied effort and finally succeeded in passing a comprehensive bill on climate change.

Senate Democrats, however, have never adopted a cap-and-trade system after the appointment of the majority leader in the Senate at the time Harry ReidHarry Mason ReidSenate confirms the choice of Trump court despite two missed "blue ballots". Can Lindsey Graham get out of the political battle? Bottom Line PLUS (D-Nev.) Stated that he was facing too much Republican opposition. The Democrats subsequently retained control of the Senate in Obama's first mid-term election.

Beyond the Green New Deal, Democrats are undecided as to whether they should develop a package of proposals to combat climate change – as they did for infrastructure issues at the 115th Congress with their Plan to rebuild US infrastructure.

Some Senate Democrats said the party should seek bipartisan support for a climate change act that is expected to be passed in the House later this year. Others say there is little hope of getting votes on substantive proposals while Republicans control the Senate.

"There are all kinds of different opinions on the Green New Deal, whether we are doing it or that people are boasting about what they have done," said a Democratic senator who requested anonymity to discuss internal deliberations. .

Schumer attempted to overcome the divisions by having the 47 members of his caucus support a non-binding resolution stating that climate change is real and mainly caused by human activity and that it should be resolved by immediate action by Congress and the administration.

A Democratic aide said the resolution would let the Democrats go on the offensive by urging Republicans to take a public stand on whether climate change is real and artificial.

"We are offended to ask them to admit that climate change is a reality, that it is caused by humans, that it is caused by humans and that you must act. They fell silent. We return the script, "said the assistant. "Two-thirds of countries now believe that climate change is a serious threat."

"We are trying to show the clear division, that we are the ones who want to fix it and that the Republicans are the ones who stand in the way," the source added.

Recent polls show that public opinion is changing with respect to climate change, like gun control, another problem seen in the past as a weakness for Democratic candidates.

A December study by Yale Universities and George Mason showed that the proportion of Americans alarmed by climate change had doubled in the past five years. A December NBC / Wall Street Journal poll showed that two-thirds of respondents said action was needed to fight climate change.

Schumer spoke in the Senate on Wednesday to give GOP colleagues a taste of what to expect.

"I heard Chief McConnell hit the Green New Deal, I would ask him – and we will continue to ask him, and all the Republicans here, what they would do to fight climate change," he said. asked Schumer.

He called McConnell's plan to force the vote on the Green New Deal "a diversion" and "a sham".

"In the past five years, Chief McConnell has led the majority. It has not been presented a single bill dealing with climate change. What is your plan, Chief McConnell?

Whatever the case may be, Democrat senators still have to struggle to determine the fundamental climate change proposals to be put forward in 2019 and 2020.

Schumer sent a letter to President TrumpDonald John TrumpTrump says that Kim is not responsible for the death of Otto Warmbier: "I will take it at the word" Trump: I "believe" Kim's promise not to resume nuclear testing, Trump explodes on Cohen, but "impressed" with complicit comments in December, he insisted that any future infrastructure package should include funding for the transition to a clean energy economy. He proposed to modernize the electricity grid and invest in renewable energy, sewerage and water supply infrastructure.

Meaning. Sheldon WhitehouseSheldon WhitehouseSenate Dem: Cohen Is Entitled To Tell The Truth Online Coverage: Cohen Faces GOP About Trump Allegations Senate Senators Seek To Turn The Truth About GOP In The Fight Against Climate Change MORE (D-R.I.) And Brian SchatzBrian Emanuel SchatzOn The Money: House votes to block Trump's emergency declaration | McConnell does not know if Trump's move is legal | Fed chief sees "conflicting signals" from the economy | Bullish governors on infrastructure after Trump talks | A big win for the AT & T-Time Warner agreement The Fed chief sees the "contradictory signals" of the Dems economy making fun of Trump's presentation for the 4th of July celebration MORE (D-Hawaii) are considering introducing a proposal for a carbon tax or carbon tax that would assess a tax on fossil fuels producing greenhouse gases. Durbin said that one could also support legislation allowing the Treasury Department to issue bonds to support investments to combat the effects of climate change.

Sen. Ron WydenRonald (Ron) Lee WydenHealth care at night: Medicare for all pushes the centrist worries Dems | New call to repair markets ObamaCare | House panel plans hearings on reducing health costs | The CDC fears that HIV prevention may be "blocked" by a Treasury official: the political reasons for withholding tax have not been manipulated for political reasons (Ore.), The oldest Democrat on the Senate Finance Committee, wants to end the tax breaks granted to what he calls "dirty energy."

"I want to throw 40 tax breaks on energy, which are basically relics of the energy tax, in the trash and replace three: one for clean energy, one for fuel clean transport and one for energy efficiency, "he said.

Meanwhile, Merkley is pushing for the government to reinstate the tax credit for the purchase of electric cars and create a fund to allow municipal metros to buy electric buses.

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