Department of Health calls for measles vaccine


According to the Missoula County Department of Health, 159 cases of measles have been reported in the United States since the beginning of the year, and 65 of these cases have been discovered in Clark County, in the United States. State of Washington.

The Missoula County Department of Health urges residents to check their records.

Measles outbreaks in the northwest have health officials on full alert.

In Missoula, no case has been reported, but Health Department Director Ellen Leahy says prevention is better than cure.

"It is very important to get vaccinated before the disease arrives in town," she said. "Waiting until it appears to be a more important news or when you know for sure that the risk is right on your doorstep is not the most protective way to go."

The Department of Health Clinic, located at 301 W. Alder St., is open from 9:00 to 16:30. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday; 10h to 16h30 Wednesday.

For a community to be safe, you need 93 to 95% of people vaccinated. However, some people with autoimmune problems and children too young for shooting are at greater risk.

"Daycare for young children, of course, can not have such a high protection rate, is not it?" Said Leahy. "Because a lot of kids are too young."

"So if the virus gets into some pocket where we are not completely immune to more than 93%, somebody will be," she continued.

Symptoms may include fever, cough, runny nose, red eyes, redness and rash.

If you think that your child or yourself may be getting measles, health workers will ask you to call before going to a waiting room for medical attention, as you may be contaminating vulnerable people.

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