Describe the Mandalorian sequence presented at the Star Wars Celebration

The Mandalorian enters.
Photo: All images: Lucasfilm

The fans who watched The mandalorian The online panel at the Sunday Star Wars celebration missed a key element: unseen footage from the first Star Wars TV series live. In the hall, executive producers Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni showed a behind-the-scenes performance as well as a complete scene and a trailer. We will start with the trailer.

Things start in a cantina. We know it by the crazy collection of strange strangers and all the noises you know and love. Cut to a table, Greef is played at one end by Carl Weathers and the other at the Mandalorian, played by Pedro Pascal. The Mandalorian does not remove his mask in any of these scenes.

Greef releases a series of pucks, which are premium markers and look like things you use to play shuffleboard. "The bail rider, bail rider, bail rider," he said, putting them on the table. Neither man is impressed by the bonuses offered by Greef. "I'll take them all," said the Mando. Greef says that's all he's got, which implies that he does not want to give everything to him. "What is the highest premium you have?" Asks the Mando. "5000 credits," answers Greef. "It does not even cover the fuel these days," says the Mando. Well, says Greef, there is only one job. He does not have a washer. It is more a matter of direct commission face to face. "Underworld?", Asks the Mandalorian. He is interested. Greef hands him a card and the Mandalorian goes away.

Greef played by Carl Weathers.

He is in the streets of a city. It's the same street, in the same costume, it's part of the first press shot of the show. His march is slow, like an actor who wears too many costumes, but probably because this guy is not in a hurry either to be where he goes. Along the way, he passes a stand that grills a kowakian lizard, with another in a cage, ready to be eaten. He arrives at a door, knocks on the door and pulls out a TT-8L / Y7 guardian droid, as at Jabba Palace in Return of the Jedi. The droid scans the map Greef gave the Mando and allowed him to enter.

A droid gonk greets him at the door and the Mandalorian slowly follows her as he goes away. It's a dark hallway with these long Star Wars lights in a few places here and there. The hallway leads to a door. When it opens, it is filled with Stormtroopers. They look dirty and run down. At a table in the center of the room is their leader, or a man who seems to be their leader, at least: a man played by Werner Herzog. Herzog's character says that Greef told him he was the best bounty hunter in this parsec and was very expensive. While they are chatting, a door opens and in the walk another man, played by American gods'Omid Abtahi. By instinct and surprise, the Mando pulls his weapon at the man, which he says is a scientist and not a threat. Despite everything, the Mando keeps his guns in the air because all the Stormtroopers also fired him and told him that he would not lay down his weapons before they did. "We have four against one," said one of the soldiers. "I like those chances," answers the Mando. Finally, everyone lays down their arms, the scientist relaxes and the Mandalorian sits down.

Mandalorian Weapon Combat.

Herzog's character places an orange cloth on the table and reveals a piece of beskar, the metal alloy that Mandalorians usually make to make their famous armor – strong enough to absorb a blaster shot, perhaps strong enough to carry a furtive glance at the lightsaber. Everyone is very impressed. "Go ahead, it's real," says Herzog's character. He adds that this is only a down payment and that's a lot more if the Mandalorian gives life to the brand. However, Herzar adds, he understands that the hunt for bonuses can be difficult and would accept proof of termination for a lower overall fee. "That's not what we agreed on," says the scientist. "I'm just pragmatic," says Herzog's character.

The Mandalorian accepts the market and asks what information he has. He does not have a puck on it, but has a tracking FOB and four digits on an eight-digit ID number. Who, considering his 50 years, is apparently always impressive. We did not know why, but Herzog's character can also indicate the last reported position of the mark which, he suggests, in tandem with the other information, should be more than enough for a Mandalorian man to carry out this task.

"It's good for Beskar to return to the hands of a Mandalorian," says Herzog's character. "It's good to restore things after a period of disarray." The Mandalorian withdrew and the Lucasfilm logo appears.

Now, the footage passes correctly at the time of the trailer. We see the Mandalorian ship, the Razorcrest, flying in the sky. In a cantina (apparently, there are many in this show!), The Mandalorian sees Cara Dune, performed by Gina Carano, described by today's panel of celebration as an "Ex-Rebel shocktrooper". "What's she doing here?", He asks, before the two are fighting in hand-to-hand combat on the outside, falling to the ground and pulling each other apart. 39 and one at the same time.

Cara Dune, played by Gina Carano

A monologue is played on all the following images. It is delivered by the character of Werner Herzog. It's not 100% exactly, but it's close:

The Empire improves all the systems that it touches. Judging by all the measures: security, prosperity, compare the imperial rules to what is happening now. Is the world more peaceful since the revolution? To look outside. I only see death and chaos.

While Herzog's monologues, a character played by Giancarlo Esposito approaches. It's a bad guy, you can say it. He is with a group of different Stormtroopers. "Burn them," he says, as a rider with a flamethrower goes into town and burns something with dozens of other riders lying dead on the ground. In another cantina (as I have said, many canteens), there are a multitude of different aliens: Twi & # 39; leks, Jawas, a Devonian, & c. On the outside, an IG-assassin droid, presumably the one played by director Taika Waititi, is on the street turning and killing a gang of soldiers. Comedian Bill Burr's new character, holding two blasters, his head shaved, fires in a spaceship lit in green. Another character drives a TIE fighter, then we see slow motion images of the Mandalorian hitting a Stormtrooper in the mask and the mask breaking under pressure. Finally, the Mandalorian raises his weapon like a stick – a tribute to the blaster rifle used by Boba Fett in his lively debut at the Star Wars Holiday Special.

The official Mandalorian logo.

Earlier in the Celebration panel, a sequence behind the stage was shown to the participants, which gave even more context to all these sequences. On a black screen and the sound of constant beeps, the image fades on a pair of feet walking on a snowy and dark planet. Think Hoth at night, with less accumulation. As the camera lifts, we see that the Mandalorian is holding a tracking device. Things are going away and he's getting into what's basically looking like John Carpenter's outpost. The thing. The doors of the place open and we see it in silhouette (the cliche is a promotional image that you will find at the very top of this article). It's a kind of bar – again, with the cantinas! – filled with new extraterrestrials.

As it is a trailer, there are many heads that explain the world as we see all kinds of concepts, as well as other filming excerpts. A piece is what seems to be a Mandalorian – maybe the Mandalorian – riding a Dewback. Another is the Mandalorian who speaks with other Mandalorians. All sorts of art and plans followed: shots of a cantina, a TIE Fighter burst, a top view of the snow mentioned above, giving the impression that it shelters a huge city in the shape of asterix dug in a mountain range. There was Jawas' art, and one of their sandrawrawlers. Speeders, new extraterrestrials running with weapons like a marshy but luminous planet. The Mandalorians fire with cannon, and then Greef stands with three other bounty hunters looking for something that approaches them. All this has also been edited with footage from the impressive list of directors and their speeches about their enthusiasm for the show, as well as for photos.

And guess what? We were impressed too. The images are not only beautiful, but cinematographic and very, very Star wars. November 12 does not arrive soon enough.

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