Deshaun Watson’s commercial smoke continues to grow

Times change, people change and things change. This is the way it is. And when it comes to the Deshaun Watson saga, the evolution of what appears to be a hazy situation might become clearer.

To be clear, I don’t think we’re any closer to the end of the drama today than we were yesterday. But reading this tweet was revealing:

On the surface, it doesn’t look like this. He’s a longtime Texans writer who comes up with a hypothetical business proposition in which Houston sends Watson to the Jets. At its most simplistic level, it’s the sketch of what might look like a doable trade that could make both parties happy. But there is always more below the surface. And NFL Network’s James Palmer nails it when he tweets: “When the guy who covers the team better than anyone else comes out of NO WAY THEY TRADE Deshaun Watson!” … For… this is what #texans should do if they trade Watson, that means something.

In other words, it means it’s time to buckle down. Especially in the wake of reports that Watson wants to be traded, regardless of which Houston coach is in 2021. So, as the Super Bowl draws near, all other conversations in football will surround Watson’s future (as well as those of the others potentially available. shifts this offseason). Tie it up, my friends. Because this is only the beginning.

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