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Destiny 2 Exploit unlocks tributes instantly for Bad Juju – Game Rant

For some players, the new Bad Juju quest in Destiny 2 is only a matter of separation with many (and we mean MUCH) of their materials and their currency, but for others it is a huge job. Whether you play or not Destiny 2 Actively during the last year will determine how quickly you can get Bad Juju, but there is a faster and more effective way to get the necessary tributes.

The last Destiny 2 exploit will provide players with all the tributes they need for Bad Juju (18 tributes) or even for the catalyst of Bad Juju (45 tributes). Or you can even collect 50 tributes and unlock the exotic emote, all without doing any activity.

First reported on the Destiny 2 Subreddit, this feat has two different stages, but the game basically counts the Tribute Tribute many times. It also takes at least two characters to work properly.

The first thing the players want to do is go on the Nessus Barge and unlock the invitation from the Emperor's quest line. This will unlock the Tribute Room and access the 4 daily bonuses of the champions.

Collect one of the champions' daily bonuses and complete it to unlock the first tribute to Tribute Hall, a raid banner that unlocks access to the main area. Do not place the raid banner down. Instead, move on to a second character.

On the second character, visit the Tribute Hall and place the banner of the raid at the entrance to the main area. Then go to orbit. Then return to Tribute Hall and place the raid banner again.

Although this does not unleash any tributes in the hall, this counts as a tribute to the emperor's quest for the quest. At 18 tributes placed, players will have access to the Bad Juju quest. However, this access is only available on the first character; this second is only used for the exploit. So, note how much tributes you have earned before returning to the main character.

Obviously, that's not how Bungie wanted Destiny 2 Tribute Hall at work, but it is worth highlighting the feat now for it to be corrected as soon as possible. For most players, however, it is not a problem because they have already started working for Bad Juju or a reduction on the Tribute.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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