Destiny 2 lays out a plan for the next nine months of free updates and paid downloadable content


Bungie launched the fifth season of Destiny 2 last night, announcing the first additional DLC of the Forsaken expansion next week. The next nine months of the FPS MMO-lite are very different from those of the last. None of the next DLC content adds new story campaigns as Bungie tries to come up with new elements, fashions and events all year long. They explained this new direction in a new video development diary while presenting the schedule until August 2019.

"We are not trying to do DLCs anymore. We are not trying to launch a brand new campaign, "said production director Justin Truman. "Instead, we want to offer three full seasons of content that can last a year, add to the end of the game and match the way players play Destiny."

Not how I play Destiny, but hey.

Over the next nine months, all Destiners will see new Vanity Rewards, new Rank Rewards, and new exotic quests, as well as temporary events, including the return of the "The Dawning" Christmas Event and Crimson Days "of February. Recipients to whom Forsaken belongs will also see their power increased by 50 for each of the three seasons (and probably a boost for the soft cap, otherwise it would be a lot of work), as well as private matches and new cards for Gambit mode.

The big changes are, unsurprisingly, reserved for people who get the annual Forsaken pass, which costs an extra £ 30. These include two new raids, new exotic quests, Xur bonuses and a new mysterious six-player activity with alliances, the kickoff being given on December 4 with the opening of the Black Armory.

The Black Armory is a new way to acquire new pistols, linked to a wave survival mode (with the creation of matches, unlike the Warmind Escalations in the open world) where players will have to keep the bad guys while their new ones guns are forged. There is a little story to it, because the armory is run by an old bot up front, but it's mostly new guns and a new mode. You can learn more about this and other clips of the video:

Traces of the Black Armory already appear in some places, guarded by powerful monsters. Oh, and a new season means that a new "pinnacle" weapon can be achieved by completing challenges in the Crucible. This time, he is joined by new Pinnacle pistols found as part of the Vanguard and Gambit activities. I apologize to all the players who have put me on a stupid charge with a fusion rifle to accumulate the 500 shots I need.

Refer to the Bungie Updates Calendar and Release Notes 2.1.0 for more information on yesterday's update.

I recently grabbed Destiny 2 for free and, having not played at the first exclusive console game, I was pleasantly surprised. No one told me that there were all those giant sci-fi views and bright colors. Nobody ever told me that there were so many big revolvers, or that for once, I would not even be so excited about big revolvers because the bows are more fun. The story is distorted, but I like to wander and shoot enough to have bought the extension, Forsaken (in the sale). I play needlessly most days, taking a few PvP rounds in the Crucible or listening to the radio while bouncing on Strike co-op missions.

I do not have any friends playing big raids, so I guess the novelty is going to go away, but it's pretty fun for something that cost me £ 25 in total. I'll probably be waiting to see more Forsaken annual pass before biting it, but of course I'll try to entertain myself more.


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