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Some time ago, in an effort to give destiny 2 Bungie introduced the Prismatic Matrix into the Eververse Online Shop. Not even a year later, the company ended this experience, considering it more or less a failure. Players should not be too quick to cry this loss, however, as Bungie replaces it with something better that will give even more control to the players.

Season 6, Season of the Drifter, is fast approaching and Bungie is getting ready destiny players with his latest report online. Players will find details on Gambit Prime, an overview of the new Pinnacle weapons and a brief explanation of what will replace the prismatic matrix. According to the report, Bungie decided to delete the system after realizing that he was not up to the job, saying, "we can do even better." That's precisely what the developer is trying to do. Since player control has always been at the center of the decision to add the prismatic matrix, it is again the object of this new change.

The matrix worked as follows: each weekly reset allowed players to gain prismatic facets which they could then use for rotating selection of randomly selected items. Since the Eververse store already has random items, Bungie totally eliminates luck. When Season of the Drifter begins, there will be unique batches of branded items that players will be able to purchase directly with Silver.

Matrix prismatic destiny 2 eververse

This should make it easier to get the item that players want to get. In addition, all unique sets will be delivered with an exclusive item offered only in this weekly set. For accumulators that still retain prismatic facets, these can be used until March 5th. After that, they will be reduced to Bright Dust.

The coming season will offer many more challenges than navigating the gaming market. Two new modes are added to Destiny 2. Guards can test their mettle and fight for tons of fabulous loot in Gambit Prime, a harder version of Gambit, or The Reckoning, exclusive to annual pass holders.

Destiny 2: Drifter Season starts March 5, 2019 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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