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Destiny 2 road map: Season of the Drifter, release dates and calendar

Bungie just revealed Destiny 2: Season of the Drifter and published a development roadmap next to her. The roadmap details the next 90 days of planned content for Destiny 2.

Beginning March 5, annual pass holders will be able to try the new modes: Gambit Prime – a more targeted and class-focused version of Gambit – and The Reckoning – a four-party event, such as Court of Oryx or Blind Well. Three days later, the second difficulty level of The Reckoning becomes available. Gambit Prime will only be launched with a single map – New Arcadia on Mars. A week later, March 12, Gambit Prime will get his second card – Deep Six on Titan.

Also on March 12, players embark on two quests. The first is to recover Thorn, the legendary handgun of destiny that poisons players with damage balls over time. The second is reserved for annual pass holders, forcing them to choose between The Vanguard and The Drifter. This choice is based on the characters, so players can see both sides if they have multiple characters.

Roadmap Drifter Season


Friday, March 15 Destiny 2 will get a new quest for Xur. Over the next nine weeks, a quest filled with tradition will educate players on the mysterious Nine and their place in the Destiny universe. Reckoning Tier 3 will also be released on March 15th.

The Nessus Legion Folly Card will be available in Gambit Prime on March 19th, while the Emerald Coast EDZ card will be available a week later on March 26th. All cards will be playable in Gambit Prime on April 2 and Bungie will add Gambit Prime to the private version. matches.

On April 9, all players will be able to attend an event called Arc Week, although Bungie has not yet released details of this event. The new spring break event, The Revelry, begins the following week and runs from April 16 to May 6.

More details on all these events will become clear in the weeks and months to come. The Drifter season starts and will have at least something for everyone Destiny 2 players, March 5th.

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