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Destiny 2 Stadia can not play cross with a PC or consoles – Game Rant

It is now confirmed that Destiny 2 on Google Stadia, Google's next cloud-based game streaming service, can not play in a crossover mode with other platforms, including PCs. Google Stadia will be limited to its own 'ecosystem', which means Destiny 2 Players on Stadia can only play with other Stadia players. It does not matter if Stadia users use a keyboard and mouse, controllers or some other way, their match will be limited to multiplayer with other Stadia. Destiny 2 players.

The news comes from the Google Stadia FAQ about its Stadia Founder's Edition product package. The Stadia Founder's Edition includes a controller, three-month Stadia Pro subscription, as well as the full version Destiny 2 post-launch content to the Shadowkeep extension this fall. The specific question you answered is: "Will Stadia have a crossover game with Steam and other platforms?" And the answer is no, "Stadia players will only be able to play With other Stadia players ".

The decision is neither motivated nor justified by the decision to separate the community from the Destiny 2although a logical explanation can be speculated. Given the nature of Google Stadia as a cloud service, it is unlikely that it offers a similar licensing system and game account. Someone connects to Destiny 2 Stadia will not necessarily have access to their personal copy of the game, but to the licensing pool that Google Stadia has reserved for its players.

As impressive as multiplayer technology is today, even though Bungie was developing cross-vault technology across all platforms, some nodes would simply take too much time and effort to get rid of. Given that Bungie has managed to do cross functional backups, there may be a cross-platform hope between Google Stadia and at least PC in the future.

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This is not because it is understandable that cross-playing between Google Stadia and other platforms is not feasible that it does not mean that everything will be fine. A lot Destiny 2 PC gamers were excited about being able to connect to Google Stadia from a laptop or tablet while away from their desktop and continue playing with their usual Fireteam. And many potential Google Stadia subscribers were interested largely by the fact that it would be an easy way to join the already active PC. Destiny 2 community. Google Stadia must have a lot of confidence to believe that it can maintain its own multiplayer ecosystems.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One and should be launched on Google Stadia later this year.

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