Destiny 2 Thorn Quest: How to Find the Beginning (Spoilers!)


The last reset of Destiny 2 brought two new quest lines. The first is a quest for allegiance in which players choose between Drifter and Vanguard to advance the story of the Wild Joker's expansion. The second is the quest to retrieve Thorn, an exotic hand-held cannon from the legend of Destiny 1. The quest for allegiance will start immediately when you talk to the Drifter, but to cast Thorn, you'll have to do a little extra work.

Thorn, as well as The Last Word, and the two men who brandished these weapons are rich in stories. They are both related to the Drifter and its story, which is at the heart of Wild Joker, the latest content expansion with the Destiny 2 Annual Pass. We know that the quest is in the game, but until now , the beginning was not very clear. Our current hypothesis is that completing the series of allegiance quests leads to the beginning of Thorn – but thanks to the intelligent (or fast) Redditor arcxschxll, you can find the start of the quest immediately. Hope this does not break the quest line.

Warning: Probably spoilers beyond, then read on (and start the quest) at your own risk.

To start the Thorn quest, you must find Shin Malphur's camp, the man with the gold pistol. He is the former owner of The Last Word, and if you completed this quest last season, you read a correspondence with him that illuminated his quest to arrest former Drifter associates called The Shadows of Yor . During the quest for allegiance, the Drifter notes that Shin is part of the EDZ and a dated legend piece describes a meeting between Shin and Aunor, an avant-garde warlock who is also in search of Shadows. Legend says that Shin's confrontation with some shadows occurs in the EDZ Salt Mine Zone, and if you head there, you can find the place where everything went.

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The video above can show you how to get there. Fight at Trostland's location on the map and head north to the tunnel at the end of the area to reach the salt mines. Continue until you reach the elevator part of the first mission here to reach the top of the mines and meet Hawthorne. There is a small teleporter next to the elevator that will take you to the top of the mountain, to the outside.

Once there, continue until you see a field of fallen strength to your right. Look at the wall of the cliff in front of you to see a small cave with a light inside. Climb and cross to find Shin's camp on the other side, with the corpse of a guardian. Head to the campfire and you will be invited to "sift the ashes".

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This will allow you to discover "A piece of molten metal", a twisted piece of Thorn. Bring it to Banshee-44 in the tower to start Thorn's quest.

Keep in mind that we do not know if this breaks the end of the quest for allegiance, so cheat to get to Thorn at your own risk. And speaking of possible bugs related to the quest for allegiance, if you try to meet the beginning of the quest with a complete inventory of your lawsuits, it may disappear. Bungie says that he's studying the problembut be sure to check your inventory before you start it – and before you go in search of the piece of molten metal.


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