"Destiny 2" will include season passes as part of his free kick


The developers insist that they want the players not to spend a lot of money but that you will get nice items as you advance in the ranks on the free track, and paid track will have the Booty first if they play often. It is however planned to introduce a "catch-up mechanism" that will allow you to buy ranks later in the season. You will not be completely blocked if a busy life prevents you from classifying yourself in the usual way.

You can also expect an ever-changing experience. The activities will disappear and the game world may change permanently. Each player will have access to a free seasonal artifact that they will be able to upgrade to unlock mods of equipment, but these mods will disappear once the season is over. Fortunately, the legendary and exotic gear needed to stay competitive will be "salvageable" in a few months if you missed them during a given season.

In addition to all this, Bungie emphasized that free Destiny 2 players can expect the content of the first year. They will receive the opening mission for Shadow guard, possibility of patrolling the Moon, two new Strike cards, two Crucible cards from the original destiny and Crucible modifications that include the Elimination mode in Crucible Labs. You will get free rewards, such as the exotic weapon Eriana's Vow, and access to basic resources. Shadow guardfeatures such as customization and finishing "Armor 2.0".

Bungie pointed out that many of the familiar elements of previous years of Destiny 2 will remain, like holiday events, secret missions and dungeons. The season is an "evolution and experience" that aims to keep everyone aligned and to advance the story. In other words, he uses the split with Activision as an opportunity to harmonize the game and train players who may have been unhappy with previous approaches. Not that Bungie had much choice but to make things happen. Although the game has many loyal players, it has not grown as much as expected, which could offer a better chance of attracting new players.

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