Detective Pikachu Concept Artist draws a sober realistic of Pokémon's sword and shield



Yesterday again, an official poll told us that the Sobble Pokémon, of the water type, was the most popular Pokemon Sword and Shield entry among the fans. If you are also on #TeamSobble, or maybe just a fan of the series in general, then this artwork may please you.

If you remember last November, you may remember RJ Palmer, an artist working for Ubisoft who was recruited to work on Detective Pikachu. He was discovered through his portfolio of "realistic" Pokémon designs online and has just created a new piece featuring the new Sobble.

You can view the article directly on Palmer's DeviantArt page, as well as on all of his other work, of course. He has many wonderful pieces of Pokemon, so we invite you to take a look.

It's a little too late to bring Sobble into the movie, but this art is perfect for the mood. "Inspector Pikachu 2: The case of sobble endangered", you tempted?

Feel free to share your thoughts on the piece in the comments below.

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