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Detective Pikachu has changed

Detective Pikachu

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Pikachu, detective of Pokemon Ryan Reynolds brings to life the favorite poké detective of all. The video game on which the film is based was launched on the Nintendo 3DS in March 2018, about a year in advance of its debut. You may have already picked it up and played, especially since it came out next to an oversized figurine from detective Pikachu amiibo.

So, if you've ever played the game, is it worth it to go see the movie in the movie theaters, or would you actually see a retreading of the story that you have already lived as a game? Here's the good news: the two stories are different enough that even if you played through Detective Pikachu more than once, you can still enjoy the film. In many cases, these are two different sides of the same coin: one focused on humor and "grown-up" situations and the other on a more Pokémon-centric story, steeped in tradition of series. with a less definitive end. The best course of action for most Poké fans will be, probably as planned, to see both. Here are some of the main differences. (Caution: sweet Pikachu, detective of Pokemon the spoilers follow.)

Another Tim Goodman

Although the lines of the film and the game are similar, they differ in many ways from their respective opening moments. For example, while Tim Goodman (played in Justice Smith's movie) is still the main protagonist in both stories, he is only a boy in the game and a 21-year-old in the movie. Tim is a typical Pokemon trainer looking for his father, Harry, who discovers a "special" Pikachu with which he can communicate. The duo looks for Harry and comes across a series of strange behaviors of Pokémon throughout the city of Ryme. Their investigation begins when they have to retrieve a collar stolen by a group of wild Aipom.

the movieTim is a young man who dropped out of Pokémon after his mother died and ended up facing an absent father. He later learns that his father may have died while investigating a case, then goes to Ryme to recover his father's assets and meets Pikachu. Their first conversation is interrupted by a group of attackers from Aipom under the influence of a strange purple gas called "R."

Detective Pikachu

(Photo by @ Warner Bros. Pictures, @ legendary)

A cub reporter joins the fold

From there, the two stories are clearly different. Although they feature major points of plot that are similar, the characters and stories that parade in each narrative are only slightly similar in terms of tone or content.

Both include a drug called "R" that causes Pokémon to behave irrationally and go wild, and Tim's father is missing in both the film and the game. They also note that Pikachu is a Pokémon whose human speech can only be heard by Tim. But while the game features a journalist named Meiko Okamato and her assistant Emilia Christie, the film features Lucy (Kathryn Newton), a budding journalist who writes fluffy pieces and plays the role of Tim's mate. In addition, the end of the film gives us a real conclusion about Harry's comings and goings, as well as how he binds himself to Pikachu himself, where the game is happiest to evoke what's actually passed, so that the game is more open to a sequel in the future game. Although Warner Bros has already planned a sequel for the film, it will be much harder to explain why there is a Pikachu who speaks with Reynolds voice on the saddle the second time.

Detective Pikachu

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Performance vs Gumshoe Detective Work

More importantly, the Detective Pikachu The game is much more focused on the "mystery" aspect of various occurrences involving Pokemon in the city of Ryme, Pikachu adopting the behavior of a longtime investigator. This is based on the interactive nature of the game.

The film, meanwhile, is an activity-packed summer blockbuster that focuses more on the timing of comedy, jokes, and the Pokémon show in their computer-generated forms. Since this is the first live Pokémon movie, you have to make sure that the audience receives more than a few public testimonials interacting with their live counterparts – think of the infamous scene of Mr. Mime or Psyduck asking for in Pikachu foot massage. It's a pleasure to make the audience laugh, to give it a scene full of emotions and to spice it up with Reynolds-like sarcasm.

Pokemon Detective Pikachu

(Photo by @ Warner Bros. Pictures, @ legendary)

If the end of Detective Pikachu If you want more, you will have to wait a moment for the next live-action Pokémon movie. However, there is a wide selection of game-based animation films as well as animated series that you can discover right after you leave the theater. Most are available in free streaming thanks to The Pokémon Business.

The very first Pokémon The movie filming in the halls made waves by presenting the powerful Pokémon Mewtwo clone, capable of thinking and acting on its own. Upon learning that he is in fact a clone of the Pokémon Mew, he begins to plot against humanity as part of a punishment for what he sees as misdeeds bringing him to the world. This is one of the darkest entrances to the Pokémon series of films, with strong themes about brotherhood, and while some scenes are disgusting, you will reach the tissues by the end. The movie even comes back with a complete remake of CGI called Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution, beginning later in 2019.

The second animated Pokémon The film follows a man who seeks to attract the legendary "Beast of the Sea", Lugia, by capturing the three legendary birds Moltres, Articuno and Zapdos, all located in the heart of the Orange Islands. When humans capture Moltres, it affects the balance of forces of the birds themselves on the planet. It's up to Ash Ketchum and his crew to right the situation. This film coincided with the beginnings of all generations of second-generation mons and, as such, had many new visions for moviegoers, including Johto and other new Pokémon.

The third animated Pokémon The film was particularly moving, despite the mysterious Unown. Ash and his friends travel to the city of Greenfield, where they discover the secret behind these strange letter-shaped monsters. Meanwhile, Ash must take the initiative to rescue a girl named Molly, whose faithful guardian, the legendary Pokémon, Entei tries to protect her forever in an endless dream world.

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