Detective Pikachu's latest trailer hides many new Pokemon


It is likely that you have seen the last (bright) trailer of the next Detective Pikachu movie, a movie that continually defies my expectations by not looking like a complete waste.

While the weight of the trailer was once again devoted to establishing the story and the relationship between detective Pikachu, caffeine addict Ryan Reynolds, and Tim Goodman, constantly surprised and annoyed, as they were exploring the city of Ryme to discover the truth behind the disappearance of his father's former partner Pikachu.

Take a look at the trailer below to refresh your memory or enjoy it for the first time if you have not seen it yet.

As in the case of the first trailer, one of the greatest joys to look through these images was to see how much hyper-realistic Pokémon we could spot. If you want to see everyone we found in the first trailer, go here.

Of course, the latest trailer has its share of new Pokémon, so let's take a look at the ones we've seen.

Let's start with this Ludicolo with a very confused look, who seems to work in a cafe and looks at all times to my delicate mental state.

Some critters hide in this next move. I've spotted some adorable Pokemon doggo shaped Growlithe and Arcanine, as well as the ghost / earth Golurk type, that's hard to miss.

We now move on to classic Pokemon in the form of Machamp – which seems to work in traffic jams for whatever reason – and of a Snorlax, who does what he does best while enjoying a beautiful nap.

Here we have a Loudred who seems to work as a DJ, or at least a man-hype for the human DJ.

Sorry for the blurry quality of this screengrab, but you can probably see the Blastoise fighting with a very devious (and scary) Gengar.

This Cubone is precious and I will protect it with my life.

Flareon! I am also looking to look good. You'll also notice the statues in the background of three legendary Pokémon; Dialga, Palkia and Arceus – the god of all Pokémon.

No, this Aipom makes me uncomfortable. Will not.

The last big surprise of the trailer is none other than the legendary Pokémon OG, Mewtwo. What is he doing here? What will be the importance of the plot of the film? I guess very.

These are all the creatures we found in the last trailer, but if you've ever seen videos that we missed, please let us know. Detective Pikachu arrive in cinemas on May 10, so try to contain your enthusiasm until then.

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