Developers cautiously optimistic about the effects of Apple Arcade, says a report


Apple has significantly increased its investments in games yesterday with the announcement of its new Apple Arcade service. Although details about the service are still scarce, developers are optimistic about what Apple Arcade could mean for games.

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The edge he's been talking to a dozen developers and publishers of mobile games on Apple Arcade, all of whom have reacted with optimism, albeit somewhat cautious. For example, independent developer Zach Gage said that it was encouraging to see Apple pushing for better games on the App Store, while remaining focused on independent development:

"I'm delighted to see Apple devoting so much energy to maintaining and improving the quality of the App Store, especially while keeping independent games totally in the spotlight," said the developer. independent Zach Gage.

Sean Krankel of Night School Study added that it was "optimistic" that iOS subscriptions take off, as this helps "the relationship between players and service" to become clearer. "It's great because our game is played by people who may not care about history games," he said.

However, others fear that Apple Arcade games will be locked exclusively in the Apple bundle. Adriaan de Jongh, co-creator of The hidden people, expressed this feeling:

"I sincerely hope that games funded by Apple Arcade will be able to be used elsewhere quickly, so that developers do not shoot themselves in the foot with a quick Apple Arcade money grab," he says. he.

Meanwhile, VentureBeat offers some additional information on Apple Arcade. According to the report, the applications found in the package will not be available outside of it, not even as paid apps on the App Store. Apple finances the development of games in order to create titles that would not have been created otherwise:

Apple contributes to development costs and works closely with creators to bring to life games that would never have been made. On mobile, game developers need to worry about creating titles with in-app purchases or ads. But Apple Arcade will not have these things and Apple will not share private data for players with game developers or other third parties.

Apple Arcade will be launched later this fall with over 100 exclusive games. It will be available in more than 150 countries.

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