Devin Nunes' cow parodic account surpasses Nunes on Twitter

A parody account at the center of a lawsuit filed by representative David Nunes (R-Calif.) Surpassed Nunes on Twitter after the filing of the lawsuit.

Monday, Nunes sued the account operator, "Devin NunesDevin Gerald NunesTrump accuses Silicon Valley of complicity in silencing conservatives. The Hill's Report 12:30: Trump Intensifies Attacks on McCain Trump Promises to Examine Facebook's Movement on Scavino MORE"Cow", with Twitter himself and an account claiming to represent his mother, for defamation. By the following afternoon, the account had increased from 1,000 to nearly 150,000 subscribers.

By Wednesday afternoon, the account had already passed Nunes itself, with 440,000 to 395,000.

The pursuit of Nunes requires more than 250 million dollars to Twitter, both parodic accounts and Republican Liz Mair. The California Republican accused the social media giant of "facilitating defamation on his platform" by allowing both accounts to remain active.

Lawyer Alan Dershowitz said Wednesday in the US Fox News press room that Nunes had "no case" and called it "an error from a political and ideological point of view. " Do not defend Devin.


Despite the increase in the number of supporters on the count and widespread mockery of the lawsuit, the Conservatives have renewed their claims of bias from tech giants in recent days.

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