Devin Robinson stopped after a fight against an Eagles player, the wizards will not extend the qualifying offer next season

It's time to update Wizards CEO's research. The most important candidate available may be off the board.

David Griffin, who led the Cavaliers' front office in the team's 2016 NBA championship season, is expected to become the executive vice president of New Orleans pelicans basketball, ESPN announced Friday.

Griffin has held the position of NBA analyst since his departure from Cleveland in 2017. Although not the most popular candidate for the wizard's opening, Griffin has expressed his general interest in the position and the opportunity to work with owner Ted Leonsis, sources told NBC Sports Washington.

Instead, Griffin lands with the pelicans. New Orleans interviewed several types of wickets for the position, including their Acting Executive Director, Danny Ferry, his assistant, Trajan Langdon, Director of the Nets, and Senior Vice President, Basketball Operations, Tommy Sheppard.

At the end of the regular season this week, teams with front-office openings were Wizards, Pelicans, Suns and Timberwolves. Many have since changed since Griffin's hiring.

You may have heard of it, but Magic Johnson has abruptly resigned from his position as president of the Lakers team. Even if the scene is chaotic in Los Angeles, the opening becomes the most desirable of the league. Immediately, Griffin was named one of the top candidates for replacement, mainly because of his track record with Lakers star LeBron James.

Phoenix withdrew the tentative label and handed James Jones his general manager job on Thursday.

Minnesota would aim to hire a new president of basketball operations.

Meanwhile, Memphis suffered a front office and a reshuffle on Thursday.

On April 2, Leonsis announced he would consult a recruiting company to find Grunfeld's replacement. The Wizards are not necessarily competing against these teams – Leonsis is waiting for a three-week brainstorming period – but some overlap of goals is inevitable, although it may not be with the single official candidate.

It would be Sheppard, now acting head of the Washington front office after the dismissal of longtime team president Ernie Grunfeld. Leonsis immediately declared Sheppard in the mix following Grunfeld's news.

While many supporters of the Wizards fan base are skeptical because of his long-standing experience with Grunfeld, Sheppard is highly respected in the league. Several organizations have brought him for interviews with GM in recent seasons. Transferring Sheppard to the lead role would increase the use of analysis and other innovative methods.

Ferry, the son of the former chief executive of Bullets, Bob Ferry, and Langdon are among the names frequently cited by league sources, alongside Nuggets chairman Tim Connelly and vice-president of operations. basketball at Thunder, Troy Weaver.

Connelly, originally from Baltimore, began her career in the NBA in 1996 as a trainee at the Wizards. After a stint in New Orleans, he joined Denver in 2013. The Nuggets have become one of the league's most impressive stories this season and enter the post-two seed in the challenging Western Conference. .

Leaving a situation ready for a series of multi-season successes for a Wizards team after a season of 32-50 and perhaps without the injured guard John Wall for most of the upcoming season seems surprising on the outside . Sources told NBC Sports Washington that personal considerations made the idea of ​​returning to the attractive area for Connelly.

The potential of Langdon stands out for the obstacles that will be encountered in the next hiring.

The former Duke star and NBA veteran worked as a scout for three years in San Antonio before becoming assistant general manager of Brooklyn in 2016. Langdon and Nets chief executive, Sean Marks, inherited from A disastrous situation in Brooklyn after the team traded a lot of first-round picks in 2014. trade with Boston for Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett.

Through a series of creative crafts – acquiring preliminary selections attached to unwanted contracts – Brooklyn has grown from 20 wins in 2016-17 to a record 42-40 this season and sixth in the conference. Is.

Washington's challenges are different, but creativity is required. Wall's injury is recovering as his $ 170 million supermax deal begins next season. All-Star Bradley Beal may become eligible for a supermax if he is named in the All-NBA team this year. Beal is the only high-turnover player that has proved successful and will start next season. Still, the Wizards may not have more than $ 20 million of maximum space depending on what will happen with their free agents this summer.

Boston assistant director Mike Zarren is another reported candidate, but the long-time Celtics fan who leaves the organization after 14 years would surprise some near the team.

Some teams catching Griffin or the troubles of the franchise elsewhere are surprising. Just do not be shocked if other organizations start to pick up the pace now that one of the biggest GM names available has been dropped.


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