Dickinson season 2 spoilers: Hailee Steinfeld, Emily and Sue


Like the comedy-drama Apple TV + Dickinson enters season 2, Emily Dickinson grows up… just like the series that bears her name.

I always felt that with this show the stakes rise in every episode, ”star Hailee Steinfeld told TVLine. “And now, with Season 2, there’s a whole new level of sophistication and elevation that we didn’t have in Season 1.” Dickinson Still has its silly comedic touches this season, of course – Emily Lavinia’s sister has a hilarious arc with a new suitor – but the series also ventures into darker, more grown-up territory, with Emily facing the daunting prospect. to fame with the publication of her poems… while losing the company of her best friend (and secret love) Sue.

“This season is actually a bit like a psychological thriller, as much as we could do Dickinson Series creator and executive producer Alena Smith reveals, citing Patricia Highsmith works as The talented Mr. Ripley as his inspiration. Season 2 (which debuts this Friday, January 8 on Apple TV + with three episodes) also deals with “what happens when a sensitive artist like Emily puts herself in the spotlight,” she suggests, ” and how she can get quite confused about it. There are blind spots and vulnerabilities for her that she did not have in season 1. “

Emily is still writing new poems in Season 2, but she’s also faced with a life-changing choice, as Steinfeld puts it: to stay “in her room, with her poetry, and with a reader, really, or to open up.” in the world. he. ”The idea of ​​posting her poems and suddenly having all these prying eyes on her is scary for Emily, and“ there’s humor in her thought that maybe she can choose the amount of celebrity. she wants, but realizes it doesn’t work that way. “

Dickinson Season 2 Emily Sam BowlesNewspaper editor Sam Bowles, played by Sam Bowles, helped guide Emily through this confusing path to fame. Iron fistIt’s Finn Jones. “It’s based on a real character from the story who was an important person in Emily’s life,” notes Smith: “This progressive, young and ambitious writer of the Springfield Republican… Who was a frequent guest in the Sue and Austin lounges. Emily now has “this opportunity thanks to Sam to be celebrated and have his poems read to the world,” Steinfeld teases. “But is it worth going through it all?”

Additionally, Season 2 sees Emily losing touch with her closest confidante Sue, who has undergone a massive transformation since marrying Emily’s brother Austin. “She went from this silent orphan who always wears black to this glittering socialite in the most fabulous gold dress you’ve ever seen,” Smith hints, “and throws huge parties. [with] the who’s-who of New England coming through its doors… This raises a few questions for Emily: “Where has my friend Sue gone?” Who is this new Sue and what’s going on with her? “

Sue is “definitely deviating and trying to sort of cover up what she’s going through” at the start of Season 2, says Steinfeld. “And part of that is pushing Emily away too.” It sends Emily into an emotional whirlwind – what’s the point of being famous if you lose the person you care about most? “It’s heartbreaking and as messy as ever, their relationship,” adds Steinfeld. “I thought after Season 1 it really couldn’t be more complex, and I was wrong.”

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