Did Donald Trump Jr. admit that wrongdoing was committed on "Fox & Friends"?


Donald Trump Jr. did what looked like a confession of wrongdoing in an extensive interview with "Fox & Friends".

Fox News presenters have asked the president's son to comment on Trump's family affairs investigations in the South District of New York, which would not be subject to the same Ministry of Justice guidelines as Robert's special lawyer Mueller.

"I'm old enough to remember two weeks ago when Mueller would be the savior," said Trump Jr. "That's not what they're trying to do – they're not investigating real crimes anymore. They are literally trying to find something they can do a big deal with. "

The president's son said he was confident that he and his family would not be prosecuted.

"I've been hearing it for two years – everyone understands, everyone is going to jail," he said. "In the meantime, they have not found anything that has anything to do with it. What they did was put incredible pressure on ordinary guys who can not afford to buy millions of dollars in legal fees, which made them miss, say something wrong . They claimed that they were their friends. "

Paul Manafort, Trump Campaign Chair, Rick Gates, Deputy Campaign Chair, Mike Flynn, Former National Security Advisor, Michael Cohen, Long-time Trump Advocate, and George Papadopoulos, Former Campaign Counselor, all pleaded guilty to lying to the investigators.

"There are no real crimes," said Trump Jr. "There are only things people have done in previous lives – in 2006, even before we thought we would ever get into this crazy world, and that's what it is. They tout these things as victories – this is not the case. It was a total joke, the biggest witch hunt in American history. "

Guilty pleas and convictions cover the crimes that took place during the 2016 presidential campaign and after the inauguration of 2017, although some of the crimes committed by Manafort continued until 2018.

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