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In relationships, there is often a time when a point of no return occurs. In the case of Lonzo Ball and the Los Angeles Lakers, the non-return could be that of the second-year leader, since his term with the Lakers could well take its course.

For a season and a half, he has been revealed by Ball's father, LaVar, that the relationship between Lonzo and the Lakers coach Luke Walton is irreparable, to the point that the Elder Ball has publicly traced a line in the proverbial sand, stating that his son would not play for Walton beyond this season.

These words resonated in all circles of the NBA, just hours before the imminent expiration of the transaction, in which Lonzo was to be a key part of the attraction of the services of Anthony Davis pelicans from New Orleans.

Whether LaVar's comments sullied the trade or not, there was one thing left after the dust cleared: Lonzo remained a Laker and Walton was still coaching it for now.

The dichotomy that now exists is the chronology of Lonzo's return of the third-year ankle sprain suffered on January 19 against the Houston Rockets. Initial reports had provided for Ball to be released in four to six weeks, which would have brought him back soon after the break from the All-Star game.

According to recently published information that Ball still has to resume his activities on the field, one wonders if Ball will agree or not for the Lakers, provided that Walton is still coach, as said his father.

To get to the bottom of things, I did due diligence and contacted the people closest to the camp. The answer I received was surprising and yet revealing of what might possibly happen. This answer? Silence.

That's true. Not a word.

All this could be a circumstance, but the simple fact that LaVar wants his sons to play together on the same team, which only reinforces the fact that by mentioning a prime destination in the Phoenix Suns … Lakers is at the # 39; horizon.

One thing is certain, Lonzo and Walton can not exist anymore. A party has to leave, and the bridge that existed before LaVar spoke has now become a bridge that leads nowhere, apparently destroyed by fire.

LaVar still has a plan, and if forcing the Lakers' hand is part of it to send Lonzo out of the city, maybe that's what makes it all possible.

Your move, Magic.


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