Did Meghan Markle break the royal rules for her baby shower?


Much has been said about the sumptuous baby shower by Meghan Markle in New York, but it is unclear whether the party has broken the royal rules and whether it has been totally disapproved of by the queen.

Markle's baby shower at The Mark Hotel in New York could have been a small affair, with only a group of his closest friends, but the party was not made for nothing. Some reports have estimated that the baby shower, although paid privately, costs more than $ 200,000.

Meghan Markle in New York for her baby shower with friends.
Meghan Markle | Raymond Hall / GC Images

Was Prince William angry at Markle's baby shower?

Prince William would have been "irritated" by the baby shower, according to information reported by Paul Burrell, former royal hotel master, to The Sun newspaper: "I think William, as well as Kate Middleton, will be totally disoriented by reason there is no excuse for excess or excess and that is what it seems to me. "

"I think Prince William is going to be upset by all of Meghan's sumptuous extravagance this week and by the fact that his baby shower has looked so much" celebrity "as" royal "."

Some think that the queen would be unhappy with the shower

Although we do not know exactly what Queen Elizabeth is doing exactly at Markle's Baby Shower, Hello Brittany Star Piers Morgan recently commented on the issue.

Morgan said Daily Mail TV: "I think that she is [The Queen] will be a little concerned about this and I will say why. We do not really have baby showers in Britain. The concept of a very extravagant party with a host of personalities coming to celebrate the arrival of a baby in a few months is not something we would do for the Queen to wonder: "What is it?" "

Morgan added, "Second, I think, the extent of the opulence of it all. The important thing about the royal family must be underestimated. We all know they are royal, we all know they are very rich. But the absolute rule is not to rub the nose of the British people in your fortune. "

Meghan Markle has not broken any royal rule

Meghan Markle did not violate any royal protocol by organizing the Baby Shower, however, as Ingrid Seward, author of the biography My husband and I about the Queen and Prince Philip, recently told PEOPLE.

Seward pointed out that baby showers are an American tradition that, in her opinion, has been adopted in the UK over the years, but she shares: "The British do not have them in restaurants or hotels. Someone lodges them in a private house. New Yorkers do everything in restaurants and hotels. It's a different culture.

The author said about the celebration of Markle with friends: "I
thought she looked so happy, "adding:" She worked so hard, and she has
had a little fun. She looked so at home and so happy.

The queen is probably "thrilled" with the shower

Regarding the queen's feelings about Markle's baby shower, Seward thinks the queen would probably find no problem. She said, "If members of the royal family are critical, they are envious not to have any. If she knows it, the queen will say, "I'm glad the girl is having fun." There may be some shooting inside the courtiers but not on the part of the courtiers. "

Seward also pointed out that "some Britons may think it's a little flashy", it's mainly because "we're not used to seeing them behave like celebrities." And Meghan is a celebrity . "

The author believes that this kind of celebration was appropriate and said: "Everyone needs a break."


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