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Did the homage paid to grandmother Mary by Jessa Duggar let down a new duggar pregnancy?

In April 2019, fans noticed that Michelle Duggar did not seem to have understood his calculations well when it was about his grandchildren. In a congratulatory message, the 19-year-old mother seemed to add an extra grandchild to the band incorrectly, but she was not mistaken. Instead, the matriarch of the over-sized family accidentally mentioned a pregnancy that was not yet announced to the public. While eagle-eyed fans quickly understood, there were still a few weeks before Lauren Swanson announced that she and Josiah Duggar were expecting a child together after a miscarriage.

Now, it seems that another Duggar could have made another mistake. This time, Jessa Duggar's calculations seem a little lamentable, according to In touch.

What did Jessa say that made fans think that there is another Meme it
Duggar Baby on the way?

Jessa took advantage of Instagram to pay tribute to Grandma Mary. The 78-year-old grandmother died tragically last week. According to reports, Mary's death is currently under investigation for accidental drowning. At the announcement of his death, several children of Duggar went on Instagram and Twitter to pay tribute. Jessa's long post was sweet and well meaning, but she might have slipped during her mourning.

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No matter who you were, she was "grandmother" for you. This is most often how it presents itself. "Hello, I'm grandma!" Everyone called him grandma. She is sincerely interested in people. She would converse with you so that you feel special, loved and loved. She had the gift of remembering details and, the next time she would see you, she would inform about things that would be told to her in previous conversations. She was so excited about the many new great – grandchildren of the fall and winter to come, and that has never aged for her. She welcomed each new baby with joy and held them with so much tenderness and pleasure. We will keep her stories and memories alive for these little girls, but we are sad not to have the blessing to know her in person as ourselves. She was always available. When we were young, she often kept the baby so that mom and dad could go out together. If mom needed something from groceries, she was happy to pick it up. She always had time to converse with the teenager and never let young children pass either. Each of us was created to feel valued and loved by his grandmother. She was our greatest cheerleader. She attended all music recitals, birthday parties and graduation ceremonies. With 21 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren, it was quite an achievement! She was an exhortation. If ever we had doubts about our gifts or our abilities, our grandmother was there to encourage us. She would do the classic "grandmother movement" and we would show impromptu talent shows for strangers. "Why do not you come here to play the song you're working on?" "Oh, grandmother, really? Do I have to do it? We would say by glancing at Mom, but we knew that Mom would support her every time. We got up reluctantly and we made a number, and no matter how much we thought we sounded terrible, Grandma beamed with pride and began applause. She believed in our gifts and abilities more than sometimes, and she inspired us to do our best and give God the glory of all our talents and accomplishments. Click on: LINK IN BIO: or swipe left to read the rest of the tribute to Grandma Duggar –

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Jessa pointed out that Grandma Mary was looking forward to all the babies in the fall and winter. The mention of a winter baby has had some fans raising their eyebrows. Although many of Duggar's children are currently expecting children, they all seem to be expected in the fall. Did Jessa make a mistake or accidentally slip and reveal another pregnancy in the Duggar family?

When are pregnant hens due?

There are a lot of new Duggar babies arriving all the way through
the fall. Anna Duggar confirmed that, although most chronologies are just a comment,
Kendra is the first Duggar woman to give birth in the fall. She noted that Joy's
the due date is as follows, followed by Lauren. Anna is, or was, the last Duggar
is expecting a 2019 baby, according to his comment.

Kendra announced her pregnancy via Instagram in April 2019. Assuming that she and Joe decided to wait 12 weeks to announce their most recent arrival, both partners would have to wait for their second child together in October. Joy-Anna and her husband announced their pregnancy on May 1st. The fans assume that the couple also waited a little before revealing the news to the world. Although the pair has not announced its exact date, fans believe that the second baby, Forsyth, should arrive in early November.

After Announcing Joy, Anna and Josh also visited Instagram to share their good news. The couple officially waits for the arrival of their sixth child. According to Anna, she will be the last of the group to give birth and should give birth in late November.

Although Anna is the last pregnancy in the fall, she was not the last to announce a new baby. Josiah and Lauren shared the news of their rainbow baby on Instagram. It looks like Lauren will give birth in mid-November.

Which member of the Duggar family could wait to announce a

Although there are lots of duggars who are currently married and who are starting a family, there are only a few who could possibly expect it. Jessa Duggar just gave birth to her third child a few weeks ago. She is certainly not the currently pregnant Duggar. Joy, Anna, Kendra and Lauren are all waiting for them with deadlines spread throughout the fall.

So who is the winter baby Jessa mentioned? Some fans think that Jinger seems to hide a baby bump lately. Back in April D & # 39; agreement! Magazine noted that Jinger seemed to darken his abdomen during a photo shoot with his sisters. The timing does not add up though. If Jinger was pregnant in April, she would be expected by November, which would be another baby in the fall.

While some fans have their money on Jinger as Duggar's next pregnant, a larger contingent thinks Jill Duggar will be next to announce the third baby. Sam's traumatic birth has been going on for several years and Jill seems quite open to adding another child to her family. according to Celebrity InsiderJilly Bean published pictures that deliberately masked her belly, such as a June 2019 Instagram post that used a shopping bag to hide the stomach of the mother of two.

Although Jill and Jinger are excellent guesses, we can not forget Nurse Abbie. Abbie and John David are the last Duggar couple to get married. The couple is married at a ceremony and reception on the theme of the flight in November 2018. Although the couple is relatively silent on social media, it follows the chronology used by the other children of Duggar, he should wait for a day now.

Guessing is fun, but it seems like fans will need
wait for an official announcement to get a confirmation. If another Duggar is
pregnant with a baby in the winter, the statement should not be far.

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