Did the Lakers correctly solve their shooting problems? The NBA on the lookout – Orange County Register

LAS VEGAS – In recent days, ground under center Thomas and Mack – the unofficial temporary seat of the NBA for the second week of July – remained motionless. But the teams are still figuring out the new power structure of the NBA, monumentally modified by free will.

The Lakers will occupy a prominent place in this future, as would all teams composed of LeBron James and Anthony Davis. During the Summer League, front-office staff and NBA media watchers bombed their posts and generally predicted they would be one of the toughest players in the league.

But while so much attention had been paid a week ago if the Lakers could land Kawhi Leonard, they focused on the team they built around their stars. The biggest question is this: after missing the playoffs last season, did the Lakers learn their lessons?

In conversations around Las Vegas, there is at least some skepticism in this regard.

Officially, the Lakers leaned on their wounds as scapegoat. And with more than 200 games missed for various health reasons, they have fallen prey to bad luck.

But the injuries are not the cause of the lakers' deficiencies, especially since the Lakers ranked second among the worst NBA shooting teams (33.3%) – enough for Magic Johnson finally accepted responsibility for the construction of its notorious First Take maintenance.

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