Did the public "SNL" like Pete Davidson's R. Kelly joke?


Pete Davidson made a strong impression during Live Saturday night update with his joke comparing R. Kelly to support the Catholic Church.

SNL began with a parody of the interview of R. Kelly and Gayle King with Leslie Jones in the role of King and Kenan Thompson playing hilariously Kelly. The sketch was well received when Thompson came face-to-face with Kelly's confusion and strange misunderstandings during the interview. He even announced "Live from New York, it's Saturday night!", Originally to an indoor plant believing that it was a camera.

Pete Davidson, Colin Jost | Photo by: Will Heath / NBC / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

While the audience was laughing at the same time as the cold opening, he was giving Davidson's controversial jokes a different tone in his lifetime. Update of the weekend. Did Davidson finally make the audience laugh?

Davidson was there to discuss the controversy surrounding R. Kelly and Michael Jackson

Davidson began his discussion by explaining how terrible R. Kelly is and that he should go to jail forever. "But if you support the Catholic Church," begins Davidson. "Is not it the same as being a fan of R. Kelly?

Jost's eyes scanned the crowd as people screamed and moaned. Some bursts of laughter are heard but the audience seems rather dissatisfied. Davidson laughs, "I do not really see the difference. The music of one is much better. Ok, that's the audience laughter.

Davidson goes on to say that her mother told her that she was going to Mass. So he said, "OK, I'll go listen to the Ignition remix." This produces great laughs among the public.

Davidson dives deeper

He adds that everyone is unhappy with people like Kelly and Michael Jackson because they've done good music. "If I discovered that Macklemore had done strange things, I'd be happy to free up space on my iPhone." Earphones? No more laughs.

Davidson says that it can be difficult to stop listening to music, it is better to admit what they did first. "You can buy a Mustang, but say:" Henry Ford hated the Jews, "as you linger, the full sentence should be:" Mark Walberg beat an old Asian man, but I would like a ticket Homemade dad 3 Please "."

It's at that moment that he's really bringing him back home

Davidson goes on to say that he will not mind seeing a movie by Kevin Spacey again. "But if the CEO of Swisher Sweets turns out to be a canibal, I can not change my whole life! "

He offers a plan: donate $ 1 to a charity every time you listen to a song or watch a movie of a serial predator accused. "I have already donated $ 142 and this comes from the only remix of Ignition."

When Jost asks Davidson if he wants to tackle something more. He's really big with that joke. Davidson says people have a strange fascination for his age difference with his new girlfriend, Kate Beckinsale. He adds that he is new in this area. But people who have questions about people of great age differences should ask Leonardo DiCaprio, Jason Statham, Michael Douglas, Richard Gere, Larry King, Larry King, Larry King … the list seems endless. Meanwhile, the crowd shouts approval and laughs. Mic drop.

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