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Digital Series & Alien: Insulation & # 39; announced

A digital series based on the kinematics of Alien: Isolation has been announced as a way for 20th Century Fox to expand the 2014 game story.

Amanda Ripley is the protagonist of Alien: Isolation and will be the subject of the digital series that will debut via IGN. The first of seven episodes will be presented on the site February 28 at 9:00 am local time, announced IGN, as well as the revelation of the trailer presented above.

Alien: Isolation There was no shortage of cinematics to tell the story of the horror-survival game in which players were stuck aboard a space station and charged with achieving their goals, all followed by an Alien looking for players. In its announcement, IGN stated that the digital series would not only develop cinematics, but would create a new experience with layers not visible in the original game. It is also intended to be accessible to anyone familiar with the Alien franchise, regardless of whether it played the 2014 game or not.

An official synopsis of the 20th Century Fox series gives a better overview of the Alien: Isolation series for those who need to be caught:

"Fifteen years have passed since the alien freighter Nostromo disappeared from all hands," explains the synopsis. "And for fifteen years, Amanda Ripley has traveled the known universe to learn more about her mother, Nostromo's Ellen Ripley. When representatives of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation tell Amanda that the Nostromo flight recorder was eventually found and taken to the Sevastopol space station, Amanda joins the company's dispatch to her remote station. But when Amanda arrives at the station, she enters into a living nightmare: the inhabitants of Sevastopol have been terrorized, hunted and threatened with annihilation. Now, she and a bunch of unprepared – and perhaps untrustworthy – survivors will face the same evil species that have changed her mother's destiny forever. "

The revelation of Alien: Isolation following a confirmation of the beginning of the year that Alien: Blackout would be a new game in the Alien anthology, the title being a survival horror game that is now available for mobile devices.


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