Direct Insulation Tracking is a digital mini-series, available now.


Believe it or not

Creative Assembly Alien: Isolation was a masterpiece, the one Extraterrestrial A game that evokes eloquently the panic and the fear of what could look like being chased by a Xenomorph. Most people who like the show like it a lot, but Sega has not ordered it yet. However, Amanda Ripley's bow continues today.

Alien: Isolation lives (in a way!) in a digital mini-series exclusive to IGN. It picks up exactly where the game stopped, eliminating the need for any narrative-bridge explanation to bridge the gap in time. Some 74 minutes of video animation are spread over seven episodes, all of which are available for playback right now.

If an exclusivity was to be given (rather than, for example, a batch upload on YouTube), the reason why IGN was chosen is not mysterious. It is the largest traditional gaming store, which means it has the widest reach. But it's also a curious decision, given that IGN was Alien: IsolationThe hardest critic. On Metacritic, you have to scroll the screen down to find the score of 5.9 / 10 dfn. This is not the most synergistic partnership, but, as a place to simply host a bunch of videos, I guess it works perfectly.

Alien: Insulation – Exclusive Digital Series Videos [IGN]

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