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Disc slipped | Just in: Baltimore excludes his musicians

After clarifying its position at the eleventh hour, the Baltimore symphony announced last night that its musicians would be locked out at midnight. Those who cleaned up their lockers yesterday saw that coming.

The council requires musicians to agree to reduce their contract from 52 weeks a year to 52 weeks. Despite the relentless efforts of both sides to keep the dispute civilized, something broke last night when he realized he was on the brink of bankruptcy.

The causes of this confrontation are mediocre management and poor financial planning. As the council admitted last night, it was relying on $ 3.2 million in state funding that was never paid.

The price of these gaps must be paid by the musicians and the public. The future does not sound brilliant.

Baltimore is the new black hole at the heart of the American orchestral industry. It's Minnesota nowadays.

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