Discover the classic Brittany Snow engagement ring

It's time to add another name to the long list of recently engaged celebrities (have you seen Katy Perry and Heidi Klum's alliances?): Brittany Snow. The actress and her friend Tyler Stanaland, real estate agent, just confirmed on their Instagram account that they are now engaged, and to the delight of her fans, here is a close-up view of the gorgeous diamond engagement ring that he offered her. The ring may not be "trendy" or unique, like Perry and Klum, which feature colored stones, but it's a ring that purists will certainly approve of. The ring features a large round solitaire diamond and a thin band of white gold or platinum dotted with more diamonds. If you like a classic engagement ring that will be just as relevant in 50 years, you might want to take a screenshot of the Snow Ring.

Continue scrolling through the screen to see the ringtone (make sure you click on the slideshow of the message) and discover the most beautiful Instagrams that the couple has published throughout their relationship.

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